March 02, 2012

10 years

10 years ago the Warner family was sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple. 
I was almost 17 at the time and I am grateful for a good memory that lets me relive that special day all the time. 
 since my family hasn't always been LDS it was a wonderful experience to be able partake of the gospel blessings through proxy work for my dad. 

that day strengthened my testimony so much.
i felt so much peace, happiness and love.
i felt this closeness to my dad that i had never felt before.

it was all because two young men chose to serve a mission.
they helped me know who God was and that he loved me.
they helped us onto the road to become an eternal family. 

while i was on my mission i emailed the elders who taught my family the restored gospel.
i wanted to know what it was like to teach the crazy 12 & 11 year old warner girls.
i knew what my elders had taught me made the biggest impact on my life and i wanted to help Wisconsinites feel some portion of that. 

this email is from the former Elder Pittard. 
i really like what he wrote because i remember it!
the restored gospel is beautiful and makes me the happiest person.
my life surely is blessed.

 From: Darren Pittard 
To: Sister Warner
Date: Sunday, 8 November 2009

"Sister Warner, 
"It is so wonderful to hear from you. I apologize that I have not contacted you sooner. It has been a blessing to get your emails as you have been on your mission. I am again saddened at losing my missionary journal in Hurricane Katrina. I had looked through it several times and would love to send you quotes from the time we were in your area. I was new to the area with Elder Bills so I don't remember the details regarding how we came to find your family. I know that we knew you were a part member family with children eligible for baptism but I don't remember if your Mom requested we come over or if the Bishopric asked us to go. I remember that your Mom was very welcoming and seemed glad that we were there. We mostly looked forward to seeing you girls. You and your sisters were full of energy and were very excited to learn about the gospel. We were also blessed to have your Mom there to teach and participate as well. We could tell that she yearned to return to the gospel and have those blessings in her life. Again, I wish I had more detail as I know I wrote more in my journal. I do know that you girls were a blessing to me and Elder Bills. I was at a crossroads in my mission, I had always been a "good" missionary but realize now that I was at times selfish and arrogant with my companions. My memories with Elder Bills were times where I was humbled and came to a realization of my faults. We are not only on a mission to bring others to Christ, but to bring ourselves and our companions. I was a much different missionary after that time and I associate you girls with that change in my life. We had so much hope for you and prayed that not only would you be baptized but that your lives would be blessed from having the gospel. Not only has that happened but you are now blessing the lives of so many more. I'm sure your mission has been just as trying yet satisfying as mine. Difficult times do not end when you arrive home, but at least now you have the tools you need to overcome any trial you will face. I think of you often and hope you are well."
Darren Pittard

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