January 10, 2012

new things.

the new year brings new adventures right?

well the current newness in the barlow home is hittin' up the gym.

ya thats right, we are gettin' buff.
well at least mr. barlow is.
i just run.

the only downside about this new adventure is >>> it is early.
we go at 7am.
who goes to the gym at 7am?
we do.

the plus side is we go to the provo rec center.
why is that a plus?
no awkward run ins at golds gym.

and now its good night.

also its not to late for my 2011 year in review post is it?
oh no, its not!
next up in the cue ..
"how 2011 really was something worthwhile!"


  1. How fun that you get to go to the gym together. Just wait, one day you'll have kids and the only time you can go is before the mr. goes to work. You'll have to go at 6 am!!! Totally bites. Good for you!

  2. i notice that one of these tags, "it is what it is".

    i love you.
    i love 2012.
    i hope we can get together... soon