January 13, 2012

can we rewind time?

i kinda wish i could go back to october 27th - november 3rd.
take a look ..

more cuddle time with these twins would be involved.

maybe we could of convinced bobs big boy to make an appearance at our wedding.

i would of gotten 227 photos of my nephew and his dad looking EXACTLY the same.

our wedding day would have lasted 72 hours instead of 24. 
we party hard.

and mostly i kinda want to go back to disneyland for a week with just mr. barlow.
oh and have 80 degree weather.
also i want a maid to make our bed everyday.

good thing i can look at these disneyland treasures everyday.

and now that mr. barlow has his very own robe this happens everyday.

disneyland we are coming back for you.

maybe i just miss not working and spending all our time relaxin together at the happiest place on earth.
can we go on a honeymoon every week?
k. thx. bai.

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