January 15, 2012

2011 = something REALLY worthwhile!

its the middle of january and i am happy to say i did not make any new years resolutions. 
so i dont feel guilty drinking DC or not going to the gym tomorrow at 7am or being a bad blogger.

i feel no guilt because i know i wouldnt last a day without a DC, tomorrow is a holiday, and work is keeping me busy in front of my monitor anyways.

but i did want to give 2011 some attention and share with you/my future posterity some pretty notable moments.


mr. barlow and i started 2011 off right!
in love.

we continued our long distance romance between idaho and california.
thank goodness allegiant airlines had such awesome deals. 

february brought melcat to a lot of ysa dances.
we grooved to the beat on many occasion one would say.

february also brought valentines and new romances.
oh hey peycat!
AND the start of a disneyland annual pass!

march meant a lot of celebrations!
my year mark home from the WMM.
of course i celebrated with some in n out.

mr. barlow moved home to california in march so we could date everyday.
it was quite exciting.
we celebrated me turning 26 with a sushi party!

mr. barlow turned 26 just 2 weeks later in march and we celebrated that with a Laker party!

we also started dressing alike.
habit from dating everyday maybe?

come april we were all ready for RAGNAR!
maybe not trained all the way but ready nonetheless.

mr. barlow even surprised me by not only coming to support my Ragnar running but he even ran my last 2 miles with me!
true love.

Ragnar was a definite highlight of 2011.
an experience that i would like to happen again and again.
i am kinda hooked still. 

may brought me a really special surprise ..

cody turning into a statue???
not quite ..

a marriage proposal from mr. barlow himself!
one of the best moments of my life.
the LA Temple is one of the most sacred places to me.

and of course cat was in on it.
thank you for your paparazzi skills! 

he asked and i of course said yes.

and the next day brought us another 2011 special ..
Disneyland Club 33

see? pure amazing.

june brought me to utah to be with these sweet kids for a little bit.
they love me, culvers and wisconsin.

we started spending every week at the happiest place on earth!

arizona is really hot in june but we still went before this sister popped!

of course july meant what we had all been waiting for ..

oh and of course my sweet nephew Easton to be born!

august, sweet august.
the former sister pluim and i adventured back to the great wisco for a wedding and much needed time in the midwest!

august brought engagement photos and more dedicated wedding planning.

come september we were back in the AZ, soaking in the sun and Easton!
so grateful to be there for his sweet baby blessing.
also glad the sun cooled off a bit.

he told me i was his favorite aunt then too!

 i upgraded to eating my own pickle in the month of september.
huge accomplishment!

the fun didnt stop when mary jane and cat threw me a bridal shower!

also across the world in florida some love & devotion was going on.
my big sister got a ring on her finger!
soon to be mrs. wann.

the end of september brought a hard goodbye.
i left my job at belle n beau photography so i could finish planning the warner/barlow wedding.
also to pack our lives up for a move to UTAH!
sure do miss you ray!

come october the soon to be mr. and mrs. became more real!

october meant not only birthday surprises for cat but also marriage proposal surprises as well!
what can we say, we love love!

warners and barlows flooded into LA from all over the USA in october!
barlowpalooza began.

best day of my life.
becoming mrs. barlow.
i love october 29, 2011.

honeymoon at disneyland?
yes please!

after our honeymoon we lived with the barlows for a couple weeks while jacob trained his replacement in LA.

i received a huge blessing.
my friend emily, who i went to college with, helped me get a job with a photographer she worked for in LA.
i am now a digital retoucher for Lori Dorman Photography and i love it.
she is based in LA and i work from home for her in utah.

the drive to utah seemed to last forever!
but we finally made it, right after thanksgiving and both our cars filled to the brim with our essentials.

december brought us a visit from the hatchs'!
which meant i got to snuggle with my little peanut.

no snow, more cold, a beard, SLC Temple lights and christmas carols is what december was all about!

christmas eve was the last of the beard. 
two months of no shaving had ended.

a pretty amazing and quiet christmas was had by us.
just together and one we will remember.
mostly because of that rhyme there.

and i must say, i am pretty sure we rung in 2012 in style.

100's of floating lanterns in the sky!
thank you 2011.
welcome 2012.
i know you will be as exciting and worthwhile.


  1. I still think the best thing you did in 2012 (besides get married) was go back to platinum blonde. FINAL ANSWER!

  2. why thank you! i agree. thank you for you influence.