January 20, 2012

i am pretty up to date .. now.

something to know about me is i never watched the news.
before my mission i didnt.
after wisconsin i didnt.

i was pretty lost with being up to date on the happenings of the world.

even funnier is i had NO clue about politics ..
at all.

let me prove to you ..
last march Cat came with me to renew my drivers license in LA and while filling out all my info it asked if i was republican or democrate.
i had to ask Cat what i was.
we giggled a lot in the DMV line.
well really she just laughed at me! thanks boo.

now fast forward to dating and being engaged to mr. barlow.
he likes the news.
he likes politics.
and so do dad and mom barlow!

so going over to the barlows while we were engaged i'd hear about the world and what was new.
then the republican debates started.
we would have dinner around the TV and watch the candidates bash on each other! 

i started getting really interested in all of this.
i asked TONS of questions.
luckily i have smart in laws.

and that brings us to now ..

mr. barlow and i watch all the republican debates together.
we even stayed up past midnight to watch the almost tie of Romney & Santorum in the Iwoa Caucus.
and now we follow the polls everyday to see who is going to get the GOP nomination!

that brings me to this little fb exchange ..

another proof that i never understood news or politics!
see hannahs comment.
 she has been my bff since like middle school and she knows me well.
and for some reason i just saw her comment today!
it made me giggle bc it use to be true!

and mr. barlow texted me this yesterday and i couldnt help but giggle!
so our date last night was watching the debate in SC!
and you best believe we are going to watch the SC primary on saturday.

also i just thought the lunchbox compliment was funny.
here is mr. barlows lunchbox that he takes to work everyday.
and yes he asked for it!

so thank you barlow family for opening me up to a whole new world!
i owe you.

and hanya lets skype and i can show you my skillz.
love you.


  1. also, does jacob know i'm a democrat? just thought i'd get that awkwardness out of the way...

  2. wait. i didnt know that?!

    funny he prob is more of your bff now bc HE is a democrat.
    and i took a test to figure out which party i was and i am a democrat.
    i just never knew what i stood for!

    awkwardness now out of the way.
    and pretty funny that we are both democrats and we watch everything about the republicans!

  3. For some reason I just love election season. I don't care who is running (well, I do), but I like to know where everyone stands.

    It's a little hard right now because... Do I vote how I believe? Or do I vote for the first Mormon nominee?

    Sorry Mitt.