November 24, 2011

so much thankfulness

i am thankful for another thanksgiving with mr. barlow.

last year we had just been on our 2nd marathon date.
we had thanksgiving at the barlows AND the warners.

this year we are marrieds.
we had thanksgive with the barlows and marmie warner came over to join in on the feast.

i am thankful for family.
my marmie, my sisters.
i am thankful for the 30+ barlows i inherited less then a month ago.
i am thankful for love.
from all my family and my husband.
everyday i am more and more thankful for my mission and that i was able to serve in wisconsin.
i am obsessed yet.

life is wonderful! 
each day there are miracles that happen in my life.

i watched this mormon message the other day and just loved it so much.
enjoy. its beautiful.


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  2. I LOVE that mormonmessage. He always makes me teary-eyed. Love that man. Also, we can't wait for y'all to move here! We. Can't. Wait!