November 15, 2011

mr. & mrs. barlow

i am officially now mrs. barlow.
at least according to fb & gmail.
those are the most important right?!

as i have been updating my info to mrs. barlow i decided to take my blog on that adventure of change as well ..
[it really is quite an adjustment seeing your last name as not the one you had for the last 26 years of life!]

so if you are searching for my blog now you are gonna want to go to ..

got that?! i hope so! i like all of you in my life. 
i stalk you. you stalk me.
love it.

now onto the wedding goodness.

mr. barlow and i are pretty much OBSESSED with our wedding!
mostly because we had so much family & friends there to support us in love, song, dance & laughter!
seriously we have some great people in our lives.
thank you.

the whole day was filled with so so so much love & smiles!
even getting caught in an hour of LA traffic didnt even phase us this day.

10.29.11 goes on the record as #1 moment in my life.

some video was taken to highlight this wonderful day.
i can watch it over and over. you dont have to!
but at least watch all of the barlow flash mob!

i love watching us come out of the Temple & seeing all the love & happiness of all of you.
best ever.

best surprise to me!
welcome to the barlow in law club!
seriously best initiation ever.

barlow flash mob!
they had been practicing this for 2 months & we had NO clue!
even the warners were in on it!

and i think everyone now knows how much mr. barlow & i truly love to dance!
we have dance parties just on our own. it is just wonderful.

i love our wedding day.
i love this married thing.
i love mr. barlow

thank you hanya for such a lovely blog post & your wonderful instagrams!

thank you marcello for your amazing photog skills & being being able to handle such a large wedding party!

marcello posted some film photos of this great event here >>> jacob & melanie barlow

i love eternity.

more to come later on post wedding life.
i do have more to blog document but now i need to go cuddle with my husband.


  1. I'm so happy for you. You are one beautiful bride. What a fun day, we wish we could have been there for so many reasons. The biggest of course would have been to get to meet you in real life. You're going to love this new chapter. :)

  2. i need to send you your vids!!!

    I have been wondering why you haven't been updating your blog and I thought it was because you were "BUSY" but you changed the address so it didn't update in my feed!!! Aaaaah.


    I love you and I love this.

    And we miss you.

  4. hannah - YES to vids! please kthxbai.

    marina - SO glad you found my blog! sorry i need to send out an email or something that i changed it! i wish it just updated in the feed.