November 20, 2011

savin' me some dates!

a lot happened right before mr. barlow and i got our marriage on.

i like to blog about these happenings but my life was consumed with work and wedding plans.

but here is the goodness that happened ..

yep that is right.
the last warner girl is off the market.

big bro A will officially be my brother in law and i could not be more excited!
they go together like beaches and the sun.
[cheesy i know but they live in florida.]

night of their engagement!

they make each other so happy and i just love it.

my L showin off her bling!
and some amazingly good Dole Whip.
thank you Disneyland!

exactly 11 months from today my big sister will be ..
Laura Anna Marie Warner Wann!
[and just a btw i made their save the date for them! i kinda love.]

can you and A row off together into the sunset at the end of your wedding?!

AND ..

this next couple just gives me smiles and smiles!


i love their engagement story and i am so glad there are so many photos!

on 10.28.11 they got their engagement on.
just the night before the barlow wedding!

cats sister, colleen, did all my hair and make up for my wedding [she is amazing btw!] and so i made cat get up at like 7am while colleen was getting me ready so i could hear all about her romantic scavenger hunt!

i love cat. i love pey.
i love PeyCat.

he treats her like a queen. 
and they rock the HK to LA dating/engaged relationship.

in 6 months and minus a day i will be at the PeyCat wedding of the year!

just like cat passed the baton to jacob when we got engaged i pass mine to you for cat. we will always be MelCat but i know you will forever make her the happiest women!

i love weddings and marriage.
especially when its your family and best friend!

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