November 29, 2011

one month of barlowness!

1st .. my husband is just so handsome.
see below.

2nd .. he hasnt shaved since our wedding day.
i love it.
he just accomplished his secret life goal of no shave november.

3rd .. we moved to Utah on saturday.
i know, short notice and right after the holiday but we are here!

4th .. i served in wisconsin so i should be able to handle the cold right?
i am really starting to wonder how i survived 2 wisconsin winters.
Utah is already cold to me and mr barlow is wearing tshirts and sandals yet.

5th .. we are still on the apartment hunt but today as a 1 month anniversary present from apartment heaven we have 2 solid leads.
things are looking up!

things we [i am choosing to speak for mr. barlow right now] love about marriage:
[the following are kinda cheesy/cutesy/lovey, just to warn you]

* not having to travel back and forth from monrovia to burbank
* getting to come home to each other at the end of the day
* falling asleep and waking up next to each other
*  sharing dinner together every eve
* traveling together and getting to stay in hotels together
* reading scriptures together every night
* praying together
* watching our wedding videos almost everyday

life is wonderful.
there are more favorites about why we love being mr. & mrs. but we'll keep it to that for now!

i love this marriage thing. he loves this marriage thing.
win! win!

we are looking forward to the many adventures we will have together.

here are just a few:

* living out of our suitcases for this whole month of marriage! we are pretty lucky to have such great family in California and Utah to let us stay with them till we get an apartment.

* driving to Utah in separate cars, mind you they were filled to the BRIM with our stuff and jacob didnt have a phone. we used the old age technique of flashing our lights and driving around each other to talk.

* mr. barlow taking me to the urgent care 2 days into our move to utah.
do not fret friends and family, all is well with me!
i got some meds and am feeling tons better.

lets just say life is interesting and fun and new.
i love it.


  1. Yay for marriage, and yay for living in Utah! And yay for future double dates?!

  2. WHAT!? im sad you already moved!!! glad you are so happy!!

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  4. I'm happy you guys have some leads! Where at? Please let us know if you need help moving! We'd love to help!

  5. whit! we got an apartment! visit us!