August 24, 2009

sufficiently humbled .. [08.24.09]


with emails come news from President Barrett .. the Assistants [we work with them in the YSA Ward] hinted at some new changes yesterday BUT only kept saying "hypothetically" so that wasnt much help so i just brushed it off till i got the DL from President !

so the "hypothetically" is now REAL.


sister black and sister behrends will be going full time down to Racine/Kenosha to do english/spanish work AND ..

i am getting a NEW SISTER ! a visa waiting sister on her way to MADAGASCAR !

how crazy .. we will stay here in the Milwaukee Area and work the Muskego Lakes Ward and the Milwaukee 3rd YSA ! i am not sure any more details then that except she should be coming on Wednesday !

missions are crazy .. changes could happen all the time and they do ! i am sad that my baby girl black will not be with me anymore .. i just love serving with her so much .. we are BFF. seriously ! i am also gonna miss the sister behrends .. her crazy ways that bring us all so much laughter will be missed !

so with all of this news i am feeling SUFFIENTLY HUMBLED ..

i am still way new to the area and am SO GRATEFUL FOR MY GPS so that i dont get too lost [btw .. i kinda learned how to read a map the other day !]


Ether 12:27
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

i have FAITH that the Lord will strengthen me as i am obedient, humble and faithful .. He will show us through revelation how to work with the wards and get to know everyone and how to help Sister Madagascar feel the Spirit of missionary work in the field before she goes off to Madagascar ! its all so exciting and sad at the same time. I WILL DEF MISS MY TRIO NATION !

without them it just wont be the same BUT lets not think of that .. lets look at the miracles from the trio this last week !

* President and Sister Barrett giving us a referral ! i love serving around the mission home ! its wonderful ! Chandra is her name and we are gonna meet and teach her !

* CHAPEL LESSON TOURS ! they are amazing .. we had a training on them a couple ZC's ago and i was able to do A LOT of them in Appleton .. the spirit is so strong while you teach using the entire church building .. sister black and sister behrends havent done it so it was fun to be able to teach them and then do it with them ! we set it all up for MARK [the library guy !] but he cancelled .. havent heard from him since he called us later that monday night .. maybe he got finally understood what it meant to be a representative of Jesus Christ ! BUT we still did the CLT with Lauren Squires [a recent convert] and it was AMAZING ! the Spirit truly testifies of all things and it testified of the truthfulness of the restored gospel.

* we spent a day in RACINE ! it was so fun ! the sisters dont teach in Spanish yet BUT sister black is already so good at it ! i have been able to help her study a little but .. sister behrends is still workin on hers .. but now that they will be down there full time they will be able to be more engulfed in it all ! i am glad i am doing English .. sarai told me when i received my call to Wisconsin and English, "there are just some things you can express better in your native tongue." i believe that to be true .. the Lord knows me personally and He knows that i needed to speak English and work my WHOLE MISSION WITH YSA ! [there are so many sweet people in racine though ! i am glad i got a little tour of it !]

* another reason to live close to the mission home = sticky note it for President and Sister Barrett ! we did a little service project for them .. we cleaned the kitchen while they were up in the UP and put sticky notes every where .. it was fun !

* MEXICAN FIESTA ! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints loves GENEALOGY and so do I ! the LDS Church was invited to have a booth at the Mexican Fiesta and teach people about Family History ! it was a lot of fun and we were able to teach a lot of people about their family history ! i even got into my own ! i loved searching for my grandparents and finding out more about them ! it was like a treasure hunt ! it was also such a good opportunity for the LDS Church to be seen and get out of obscurity ! i love this gospel.

the adventures of SISTER WARNER & SISTER MADAGASCAR will be in full swing later this week ..

SHOUT OUT ! my lovely sister HEATHER KATHLEEN WARNER is getting MARRIED to BRADEN HATCH on FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2009 ! CONGRATULATIONS ! i am WAY jealous i will not be there to party it up in the AZ but look out for a little cardboard cutout of me ! i love my family ! you guys are truly the best. seriously.

oh btw .. we just talked to President Barrett on the phone and we ALL 3 get to go to the airport this wednesday [dont know yet when or really what is going on .. haha] to pick up the new sister ! how fun ! i love my mission !

P.S. oh and another thing .. you might laugh at this picture of me and my sisters in scarfs and coats in AUGUST but it was seriously SO COLD ! the Mexican Fiesta was on the Lakefront and the wind chill here is insane ! this summer has been a mildly cool one with a couple days here and there of pure heat and humidity BUT we were cold ! haha

on and that is BRITTANY KOZLOSKY ! we live with her .. i took some of her senior pics for her .. we love her ! I LOVE YOU ALL !

sister warner

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