August 03, 2009

i will GO and .. [08.03.09]

PACK MY BAGS ! a NEW AREA is where i am being called too ! but i KNOW this ..

1 Nephi 3:7
"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I WILL GO AND DO THE THINGS WHICH THE LORD HATH COMMANDED, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

the Lord knows me so well AND i know that i can do ALL that the Lord requires of me if i am continually FAITHFUL, OBEDIENT, and DILIGENT !

its gonna be an new adventure BUT i am ready .. we have lots of sisters changing this transfer .. 5 out of 11 of us are moving around .. SO I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE I AM GOING ! we can usually figure it out that night of where we will all go but this time there is no guessing .. its kinda fun this way ! we find out on Tuesday night where we will be heading off too and then on THURSDAY AUGUST 6 is TRANSFER DAY ! its exciting. i feel really good about leaving here now .. i am spent almost 1 YEAR of my mission in the GREEN BAY AREA ! being in the fox cities and being able to still work with the GB Stake has been a blessing. i have realized more and more each day of how the Lord, MY HEAVENLY FATHER, knows ME .. personally. its amazing !

the beginning of the week with be filled with 'see you laters' to the APL CREW and 'hellos' to MY NEW AREA ! i am sad to leave my little sister johnson BUT she is a stellar missionary and will do amazing things here in the WINNEBAGO YSA with whoeves her new compy is ! what a blessing she has been to ME and the YSA these past 4.5 months. I LOVE MY SISTER J !

this last week was SOLID ! so much fun and being in the APL community and being strong representatives of Jesus Christ. I LOVE WISCONSINITES SO MUCH !

my MISSION DREAM was fulfilled this last monday ! I GOT TO MILK A COW ! i am a true wisconsinite now ! it was a cool expereience .. i milked MAGGIE .. the best cow there they said ! there was a goat named JERRY who kept trying to eat my clothes .. that was funny ! we also fed baby cows [sorry they are CALFS !] one was named PENNY and she was just born the day before ! they own horses as well and i know my LALA is jealous b.c. i got to be around those pretty creatures but hey you were just in THAILAND L .. hope you didnt forget to bring me something back :) i have learned all about cows and farms .. THANK YOU RANDALL HESS FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE ! FARM LIFE IS SO FUN ! seriously.

FHE was the BEST ! my JEREMIAH yelled at me for part of the lesson but it was on purpose .. they were stagging something and i had no idea and i was about to cry b.c. my recent convert hated me ! but it was all a joke and he apologized ! thanks jer ! the YSA rocked it at the carlsruh .. such a solid turnout .. FHE = lessons about the gospel .. food .. games .. BONDING ! i love it !

OSHKOSH B'GOSH ! i love the city of OSHKOSH .. its just so unique and cute .. the saints are amazing ! ESPECIALLY our RC [recent convert] LAUREE and the WHOLE ENTIRE RHODES FAMILY .. they love missionary work and talk about the gospel and live the gospel 24/7 .. they are such a good example to me ! we have 2 more potential investigators just from them and our day we spent there ! the best was we brought samantha and ben rhodes lunch with lauree at the pool they work at and sam and ben kept telling their coworkers to come and talk to us about the LDS FAITH .. it was SWEET !

BFK = the building for kids ! its a childrens play time museum and its so much fun ! we did helped at the CHILDRENS PARADE service for them in downtown appleton and we were able to talk to so many appletonities about the gospel ! it was a great event to be seen at !

MY JRIB IS BACK IN THE WISCONSIN ! thursday was non stop teaching and being with our members .. i love days like that ! the ribbens girls came down to appleton to see us and say hello .. i love them ! we had amazing solid lessons with brittnie and katie klemp ! i love this area ! [its gonna be hard to leave !]

ADRIENNE THIEL got MARRIED and we went to her reception in appleton .. she is the youngest thiel and is so awesome .. AMANDA came and we were able to talk to her LOTS ! she is getting closer and closer !

SATURDAY WAS AMAZING ! JEFF AND BONNIE BOTH GOT BAPTIZED ! sister black and i found them BOTH while we were together in GB and to see them enter the waters of baptism was BEAUTIFUL and such a TESTIMONY to me that this work truly is real ! being in GB on saturday felt so completing .. i was driving where i did when i first came here almost 1 year ago and i just felt completed .. so when i got the call that night that i was being transfered i just smiled .. it felt good .. i felt the Lords love surround me and say, well done. i have done all that i can for these 2 stakes and i feel good about being transfered now. I LOVE THIS WORK !

fast and testimony meeting was beautiful and such a great way to end your service in an area ! the YSA Saints here have taught me SO much .. i will never forget .. they are the next leaders of the church and you can see it everyday as they truly live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

i know this work is true. i know this gospel is true. you can see it in the eyes of the Saints !

I LOVE YOU ALL ! new adventures coming sister warners way ! i will keep you posted !
sister warner

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