July 27, 2009

it can be done ! [07.27.09]

BLESSINGS UPON BLESSINGS ! the restored gospel is true !

1 Nephi 17:50-51
"And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done."
"And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?"

we see miracles each and everyday .. i know i say that A LOT but it is TRUE ! i couldnt be happier .. lives are being changed daily and mine is as well .. daily !

MONDAY = FHE BBQ/BONFIRE FAREWELL TO OUR MISSY ! she is moving out to utah for school and work [ this week :( ] and i will miss her so much ! she is spritutally grounded in the gospel and it is amazing ! the Lord has told her He needs her out west right now AND i got her hooked up with my BFFL JOSE ROMO JR and i know he will show her the ropes ! also it was a night for such a good turnout of our YSA .. lots of friends were brought and lots of gospel centered discussions were taught !

TUESDAY = service to those we love. we didnt have any teaching appts but we did go and show our love to LEXIE WRIGHT and her family by helping move around their furniture [i LOVE the Wright family .. they are adopting me into their family .. Lexie goes to BYUH and makes me miss Hawaii every time we talk .. she is wonderful and SO funny ! ] and also a recent convert DAN FRANZ called so we could teach him .. strengthen where we serve !

WEDNESDAY = SISTERS CONFERENCE ! such a good time .. my sister johnson is such a solid and bold teacher .. i love her and learn so much from her .. i love teaching together .. its been amazing to be with her for almost 3 whole transfers .. ive been able to watch her grow beautifully in missionary work ! we taught about CREATIVE FINDING .. tracting vs. member referrals and it was good .. from day one with my MAMA HOOD i was taught that when you work with the members of the church your results and influence are far more reaching .. b.c. of her training i have been blessed with amazing opprotuntities to find the Lords prepared through working with the members of the church ! i love you my hai hai hood ! i love this work ! [ i def love the WMM .. there is NO doubt about that !

THURSDAY = lots of weekly planning ! planning i continue to see is essential in the work of the Lord. good thing i dont mind it too much .. sister j and i are gonna plan at the park we live by this week :) after planning we went to see BETH ROE ! oh how i love beth ! she just became active again and we were teaching her about the importance of prayer .. she is amazing and SO FUNNY ! across the street from beths house is a family who sister j and i tracted into when sister j first got here .. we decided to go sing to them .."i am a child of God" .. at first NICOLE seemed apprehensive and we told her we wanted to sing .. she went in and got her daughter .. as soon as we started singing the spirit surrounded us on the porch .. it was amazing .. small miracles !

FRIDAY = PIONEER DAY ! i love the pioneers .. i dont think i am related to any who crossed the plains but i am sure thankful for all they did to pave the way for us now ! in honor we had a PIONEER PAINT BALLOON WAR ! we filled up water balloons with paint and water and just went after each other .. then REIDYNN one of our ysa decided to involve the pond mud and throw it at everyone .. needless to say we taught about pioneers and the fun they had while crossing the plains !!!

SATURDAY = help missy move out of her apt ! i thought i had A LOT of stuff when i moved out of my apt before the mish but i was wrong ! it was a fun time .. her sister was there so we got to talk to her about the gospel ! our BML [branch mission leader] made us fajitas for dinner .. so yum .. thank you ben slade !

SUNDAY = lots of church goodness. i truly love the YSA Branch and know the Lord needed me there ! also i love APL 2nd .. we taught primary there about MISSIONARY WORK ! it was so fun .. then sister j and i made LANAE [our old roommate/mother figure] and AMANDA [our investigator] DINNER ! it was so good. we watched THE TESTAMENTS ! i love that movie .. sister j not so much .. haha ! it was wonderful !

the weeks go by WAY too fast ! today will be fun .. RANDALL IS TAKING US TO GO MILK A COW .. my mission dream besides preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ !

this work is amazing. i am so grateful to all of my warner and memmott family .. the monrovia ward and all my friends who make it possible for me to be the Lords full time representative ! THANK YOU ! I LOVE YOU !

sister warner

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