July 06, 2009

FREEDOM ! [07.06.09]

Ether 2:12
"Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, who hath been manifested by the things which we have written."

WE ARE FREE ! what an amazing blessing it is for us to be in America where we are free from bondage and we can worship God and Jesus Christ ! what also is amazing is that The Book of Mormon testifies and prophesies of this freedom ! ITS AMAZING !
i love this work .. SO MUCH ! this week was FANTABULOUS and FREEING !

here is the goods :

* YSA FHE = the hot spot in town ! GB hosted this week .. it was at amy browns apt .. it was so much fun and Dan [RC] gave an amazing lesson on friendships and he asked sister j & i to teach with him .. solid ! WINNEBAGO YSA DEF REPPED IN THE GB ! [ also sister j and i went thrift shopping and found real treasures ! so much fun ! ]

* OSHKOSH INSTITUTE was amazing too ! bro. hale is the best teacher for those YSA ! we were able to teach CRAIG before institute about recognizing the spirit .. i LOVE hearing the YSA [i.e. missy and jenna that night] bear THEIR TESTIMONIES on HOW THEY RECOGNIZE THE SPIRIT ! its so powerful !

* tuesday & wednesday WISCONSIN dropped back down to 59 degrees ! WHAT ? last week that time it was over 90 degrees and the humidity was killer ! JULY 1st in WISCONSIN = JACKET WEATHER ?! its true !

* the MIRACLES OF THE DAY are amazing ! i love them ! on wednesday i got the sudden impression to go visit a YSA BETH .. she is a recent convert of 2 years and just came back to her home in the APL .. so i pulled over to her house as quick as i could and sister j was WAY confused and i just said "we need to visit beth" .. so we park and we say a prayer .. as we are getting out of the car HERE COMES BETH WALKING UP TO HER HOUSE ! our miracle of the day. THE LORD BLESSES US !

* i heart zone conference ! sister j and i drove with the oshkosh trio of elders down to west bend ! it was an AMAZING ZONE CONFERENCE ! i learn so much from Pres and Sister Barrett ! and also from all the missionaries ! it left me with a renewed amount of FAITH and DILIGENCE to go forth ! [sister j and i also WON THE CLEAN CAR AWARD ! go us sistas !]

* after ZC we went and put to test the training we received @ ZC .. we were bold with RYAN [the sisters before met him at the sprint store] and we told him the Lord sent us here to teach him .. he is now letting us teach him ! its great ! Pres B is so inspired !

* i love when our YSA get together and have bonfires and just want to be with eachother .. i also love when they call up us sisters and see if we want to be part of the fun ! CRAIG was there so of course we wanted in ! i love that they love us and even more that they love each other !

* FRIDAY NIGHT YSA GAME TIME ! [it use to be volleyball every friday night but we are switching it up a little !] we played some ALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL ! TEAM USA vs. TEAM BRITIAN ! it was a good good game ! I, SISTER WARNER SCORED 2 TOUCHDOWNS ! each time i caught the ball in the end zone i was SO shocked ! then craig taught me how to do a victory dance ! needless to say .. 1 i suprise myself all the time and 2 the YSA know how to have fun !

* FOURTH OF JULY = INDEPENDENCE ! this 4th was awesome ! there is nothing like being a missionary on holidays ! we spent the afternoon in ONEIDA NATION for their annual POW WOW ! it was amazing ! we even got to go and dance in it ! BEN ANTON - one of our YSA is part of ONEIDA NATION and he danced in it ! [video on my blog !] it was so FUN ! then that night we went to the CHRISTENSENS house .. the mother joined the church a little over 1 year ago [in the apl 2nd ward] and we teach her daughter AMANDA ! we played some volleyball at her house along with a BBQ and OF COURSE a fireworks show put on by BROCK [dad] ! it was so much fun ! i love that family !

* HOLIDAY WEEKEND CHURCH = STILL GOOD ! we thought EVERYONE would be out of town for the holiday but we still had a SOLID turnout at church ! it was beautiful !

another amazing week is for sure to happen ! the Lord truly is blessing this area .. its remarkable !

i love this gospel. i love america. i love freedom.

I LOVE YOU. always.
sister warner

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