February 29, 2012

oh hey quadrennial year!

the word of the day is ..

quad·ren·ni·al [kwo-dren-ee-uhl]
occurring every four years: a quadrennial festival.

 clever dictionary.com clever.

having a leap year not only meant those 29ers got to celebrate their actual birthday..
go us. 
not that big a deal but still cool.
at least we have made it far past the Kardashian's marriage!

i am pretty much obsessed with this guy.

i love being married to mr. barlow.

and i love our wedding photos .. thank you marcello!
here is one more for your viewing pleasure.

i would also like to dedicate leap year to disneyland!
how cool are they for staying open all day?!
pretty dang legit if you ask me.

and heres to my february craft!
just some little twigs from our yard and ribbon.
easy and almost free!

hope your quadrennial festivities were exciting! 
see you in 4 years february 29th. 

February 22, 2012

on the plane again ..

i have lots of good things to share with you all.
 or maybe just my future posterity will appreciate it.
but i am traveling again this weekend.

february has proven to be a popular travel month.

in the morning all the barlow girls will be on planes headed for BRANSON, MISSOURI!

where is that you ask?
this place.

the soon to be wedd team Lawter are both from Missouri and they say this place is like mini Vegas but clean!

why are you going is the next question i am sure!
let me tell you..

my mother in law is pretty much super woman.
raised 10 pretty wonderful kids.
cooks a mean sunday dinner.
best grandma to 21+ 2 on the way grandbabies!
she deserves some pampering! 
and Branson, Missouri was calling her name.
heres to you Annell!

and youtube will explain more about why Annell chose this cozy getaway!

see you barlow girls tomorrow!

February 20, 2012

welcome to the home of mr. & mrs. barlow

mr. barlow & i moved up to the great 801 to start out our new marriage.
here is our very first apartment together.
we like it a lot.
it feels like home.
nice & cozy & full of love.

we live in a nice little basement apartment.
our landlord lives upstairs and is from south pasadena!
what are the odds.

our kitchen area.
mr. barlow helps me cook and we have an ongoing game of scrabble at our table!

our bathing area.

our living area.
our landlord is pretty great. 
he is letting us borrow his couches. seriously so great.

this is my command station where i work everyday!
good thing mr. barlow is a tech guru and set this all up for me.

did i mention how great our family and friends are?!
with the generous gifts from our wedding we were able to furnish our little apartment.

also did i mention how great mr. barlow is?!
he put together all that furniture.

and can i tell you what a blessing it is to have a washer/dryer in our home!
i love it.

we love our really large bed!
great investment.

and this little closet is mr. barlows ..

and next up is MY closet!
this was one of the biggest selling points for me. seriously!

i just love it.
love it all.
and i love it most of all because mr. barlow & i get to come home to each other everyday.

February 15, 2012

lovin on mr. barlow & valentines day

mr. barlow knows how to steal my heart over and over..

i flew home to our little apartment on tuesday the 14th.
just in time for the day of love.

all my husband would tell me when i asked what we were going to do was, "dont you worry."

my sister in law kim picked me up from SLC since mr. barlow was at work.
she is a nice gal.

when i walked in the door i heard music playing..
my first thought was it must be upstairs [we live in a basement apt, photos to come soon.]

then i walked in more and realized no, that is coming from our living room.

our wedding was song playing on repeat!!!
want to listen.. i know you do.

then i thought, "is mr. barlow here?!"
sadly he was not but i loved hearing our song over and over.
he had also set the screen saver on our computer to roses!

i wanted to see him as soon as i could [5 days was a long time for us to be apart!]
so i made him & i some lunch and headed over to imagine learning.
it was a joyous reunion!

later on in the afternoon this bouquet of real roses showed up at our door from mr. barlow.

when he got home from work i had a plate of his favorite cookies waiting for him.
and hearts all over the place!
he accepted to be my valentine.

he then had me close my eyes so i wouldnt guess where we were headed for dinner.
we ended up at thai ruby in provo.
i love thai food and mr. barlow wanted to surprise me!
it was not busy and so cozy.
we came home and watched our favorite show Chuck and cuddled.

it was the perfect low key valentines day.
my love for mr. barlow continues to grow day by day.
and i love that he is sweet everyday and not just on this holiday of love.

i am a lucky girl.
thank you mr. barlow.

February 10, 2012

the jastals

right before christmas i took some family photos for the lovely lisa jane and brandon jastal!
lisa and i went to UVU together and we had a lovely time there.

i took lisa and brandons engagements almost 4 years ago!
and so much has happened since then.

little ashlynn was born while i was on my mission.
now she can walk and talk and is oh so funny.

sweet aaron was born last april.
he was born with a heart condition and was on this earth for almost 3 months.
i love that she has his photo & bear in their family pictures!

in honor of CHD week i wanted to post their family photos and send some love their way.

i was grateful i had the opportunity to meet their little buddy shortly before he returned home to our Heavenly Father. 

Lisa has a team doing the heart walk in SLC this year and if anyone wants to donate or be a part of it go here >>> heart walk

proceeds benefit Pediatric Cardiac Research!

now on to their photos!
here you go ..

on my way ..

part one down..
our bridals/groomals!
that sounds so weird to me.
who says that ..?!

got those up.
part two.. 
wedding photos.
yes, yes we actually DID get married.

now i am off to bask in the warmness of the california sun.
at my favorite place mind you.

be back soon.

February 01, 2012

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."
John 13:34