February 22, 2012

on the plane again ..

i have lots of good things to share with you all.
 or maybe just my future posterity will appreciate it.
but i am traveling again this weekend.

february has proven to be a popular travel month.

in the morning all the barlow girls will be on planes headed for BRANSON, MISSOURI!

where is that you ask?
this place.

the soon to be wedd team Lawter are both from Missouri and they say this place is like mini Vegas but clean!

why are you going is the next question i am sure!
let me tell you..

my mother in law is pretty much super woman.
raised 10 pretty wonderful kids.
cooks a mean sunday dinner.
best grandma to 21+ 2 on the way grandbabies!
she deserves some pampering! 
and Branson, Missouri was calling her name.
heres to you Annell!

and youtube will explain more about why Annell chose this cozy getaway!

see you barlow girls tomorrow!


  1. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!! Make sure you pack your overalls and cowgirl boots!! Yeehaw!!!!

  2. brandon's grandparents live there and his grandma is an usher at one of the shows there.