February 15, 2012

lovin on mr. barlow & valentines day

mr. barlow knows how to steal my heart over and over..

i flew home to our little apartment on tuesday the 14th.
just in time for the day of love.

all my husband would tell me when i asked what we were going to do was, "dont you worry."

my sister in law kim picked me up from SLC since mr. barlow was at work.
she is a nice gal.

when i walked in the door i heard music playing..
my first thought was it must be upstairs [we live in a basement apt, photos to come soon.]

then i walked in more and realized no, that is coming from our living room.

our wedding was song playing on repeat!!!
want to listen.. i know you do.

then i thought, "is mr. barlow here?!"
sadly he was not but i loved hearing our song over and over.
he had also set the screen saver on our computer to roses!

i wanted to see him as soon as i could [5 days was a long time for us to be apart!]
so i made him & i some lunch and headed over to imagine learning.
it was a joyous reunion!

later on in the afternoon this bouquet of real roses showed up at our door from mr. barlow.

when he got home from work i had a plate of his favorite cookies waiting for him.
and hearts all over the place!
he accepted to be my valentine.

he then had me close my eyes so i wouldnt guess where we were headed for dinner.
we ended up at thai ruby in provo.
i love thai food and mr. barlow wanted to surprise me!
it was not busy and so cozy.
we came home and watched our favorite show Chuck and cuddled.

it was the perfect low key valentines day.
my love for mr. barlow continues to grow day by day.
and i love that he is sweet everyday and not just on this holiday of love.

i am a lucky girl.
thank you mr. barlow.

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