February 10, 2012

the jastals

right before christmas i took some family photos for the lovely lisa jane and brandon jastal!
lisa and i went to UVU together and we had a lovely time there.

i took lisa and brandons engagements almost 4 years ago!
and so much has happened since then.

little ashlynn was born while i was on my mission.
now she can walk and talk and is oh so funny.

sweet aaron was born last april.
he was born with a heart condition and was on this earth for almost 3 months.
i love that she has his photo & bear in their family pictures!

in honor of CHD week i wanted to post their family photos and send some love their way.

i was grateful i had the opportunity to meet their little buddy shortly before he returned home to our Heavenly Father. 

Lisa has a team doing the heart walk in SLC this year and if anyone wants to donate or be a part of it go here >>> heart walk

proceeds benefit Pediatric Cardiac Research!

now on to their photos!
here you go ..

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  1. Wow, beautiful! A few years ago, I came across the blog of a family who had a baby with Trisomy 18. This link has the video and song that were played at her funeral. I love it because the message is so powerful-- "Your days here changed everything. You're loved here, and will always be. But you left here, the greatest gift of all-- for our hearts ache for home." The photo and bear and shoes are beautiful symbols of his place in their family. Great job capturing all that, Melanie!