October 22, 2011

a years worth of footsies & hand holdin!

10.22.2010 marks the first official date of mr. barlow and i.
a whole year has gone by!

did you know he flew down from rexburg just to take me on a date?
keeper, huh?!

our first date was a memorable one where we went to the glendale center theater and held hands.
oh and also watched a play.
then we went to dinner at BJ's.
that night we discovered it was both one of our favs.
pretty sure we have eaten there close to 53 times in the past year!

it really was a grand first date.
well that whole weekend was pretty much a date and getting better aquatinted.
it was lovely and full of giggles.

the next night the G7 had a "Live Clue" game!
i really just wanted to include some photos from that weekend and this is what i got!

cat = award for best photo bomb.

maybe one day mr. barlow will grow a real stache?

and i really am going to miss the G7.
and all the costume parties!

next week ill have on a nice white dress instead of this 80's lace mermaid thing.
[still in my closet if anyone is looking for something fancy to wear!]


i am so excited for the future but i sure do love reminiscing about last year when mr. barlow first waltzed into my life.

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