October 15, 2011

slight change in plans ..

remember the time i said mr. barlow and i would be spending our married life together in Bakersfield?!

well that was the plan up.
until 2 weeks ago.

here is the newest news ..


you know the great trek to the west, happy valley, the 801.

your next question i am sure is WHERE in this almost square state are the barlows moving to?!
let me tell you ..


this is exciting news right!
we are excited.
now we need to find a place to live.
recommendations are welcome.
and thank you in advance.

now you are asking WHY?

here you go ..

mr. barlows company opened a position in their main office in provo that would require NO traveling.
let me repeat NO traveling!

so we said a quick prayer and decided jacob should at least submit his resume.
the next week he got a call and they offered him the position.

we spent the next eve discussing the pros and cons of each.
we said a real long prayer and felt like utah was the place to be!

major pros = 
 my soon to be husband can come home every eve instead of spending his time driving!
grad school sooner for the both of us!
lots of family/friends everywhere!

we are happy and feel good!
oh and we'll be up there around december 1st ish.

next item of news is i stepped up in the smart category with the help of my mr. barlow!
i am now the proud owner of a smart phone.
and boy do i feel smart!

this is my new friend to be exact and i love it!
thank you mr. barlow for us getting a phone plan together.
and well the getting married part too!

that is all the newest news for now.
besides our wedding taking place in 2 weeks!

here we go!


  1. How fantastic!!! Congratulations! But we will miss you so around these parts :) at least with the smart phone you're just clicks away! <3 woohoo!

  2. We are soo excited about this news!!!!!

  3. that is GREAT NEWS!!! i got SO excited thinking you might be in provo while i'm there in november....then i noticed it's not until december 1st-ish. bust. i am still so very happy for you!

  4. whit #1 .. i just read your "about me" and i LOVED "ryan kisser"! double dates here we come!

    whit #2 .. i wish we could be there the same time! i want a hug. you are gonna have so much fun!