July 07, 2011

love to my jastal fam ..

this is baby aaron michael jastal.
born april 19, 2011
he was born with a heart defect.

my dear lisa and her husband brandon are such amazing parents.
so strong.

i got a text from lisa at 1:26am letting me know their little darling returned home to His Heavenly Father this evening.

i am so grateful i had the privilege of meeting and holding this sweet angel just about a month ago.

he was still in the childrens hospital in SLC at that time.

he fell asleep in my arms and i could feel the love of our Heavenly Father through his little face.

he was in an out of the hospital these 3 months of his life.
he even had a major heart surgery when he was only about a week old!

his sweet big sister ashlynn is pretty much the best!

this little guy was a trooper.
he was blessed to have been born to such wonderful parents.

his smiles make my heart melt.

i am SO grateful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and for Eternal Families.

thank you lisa and brandon for letting me be a part of your life and the lives of your children.

i love you jastals.

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  1. heart breaks. but you speak the truth. Families can be together forever. Nothing is sweeter.