July 29, 2011

i am legit. FINALLY!

this fancy guy has a new home.

i would like to tell all of you out there in blogger world how excited i am that on this day >>> July 29, 2011, i purchased my very OWN and my very FIRST DSLR!

a nikon D7000!

i know what you are all thinking ..

i am.

let me tell you a little story.

i LOVE film.
always have. always will.

while i was studying photog at UVU i did a lot of film.
i delved into digital here and there.

why didnt i buy a camera then though? thats the good time to use student discounts right?
well i was still a poor college student.

AND i loved my little nikon n55 and pinholes and holgas!

so i borrowed UVU's digital when i needed.
i used friends digitals as well.
mainly lisa janes! 
[thank you btw]

then when i finally thought i should do it, buy my very own digital, i got the answer to serve a mission and went to the beautiful and cold land of Wisconsin.

well why buy a fancy camera when you cant really use it for 1.5 years?
my thought exactly.

so now i have been home for almost 1.5 years.
i have borrowed my dear cats camera a lot in that time.
also papa cards too!
[thanks guys!]

i talked to my sweet fiance [who i get to marry in 3 months from today!] and told him my savings amount and he told me to go for it! he is a good man that mr. barlow.

he knows i have been wanting to officially own my own camera for a long time!
it may not seem like a big deal but for me it is!
especially b.c. i paid for it all at once. no credit cards for this handsome nikon!

i am so excited to use it!

guess who my first model is gonna be?!

obvi this little frogy man!

i am driving to the great hotness of AZ tomorrow!
all by myself. 
should be fun.

i cant wait to meet my nephew and snuggle and photograph him 1,000 times!

i am just a happy woman right now.

also on a happy note we went to a Harry Potter art gallery tonight in Alhambra.
more on the life size He Who Must Not Be Named to come ..


  1. Yay! I'm so happy that your happy! I find it really interesting and cool that Mr.Barlow, and you already talk about finances together. =) I've heard that doing scripture study, prayer, and FHE as a couple is super powerful too. Anyways YAY! Happy Picture Taking! Have a safe trip dear.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can totally relate to this and feel your joy. kinda crazy - i, myself, do not own my own DSLR. i always use my dad's. i have film nikon and old school pentax SLRs. and for the past month i've been DSLR browsing, trying to decide which is the best for me. and just last night i was thinking i should go buy it today. it's a wise investment. though i've been eyeing the Canon D90. i'm happy for you!!

  3. *i meant 60D...i probably totally confused you on that.

  4. WOOO HOOOO!!! That's awesome!!