July 01, 2011

a little summer snap shot!

for those of you who dont already know this fun fact .. i work at a photography studio!

a cute little place right on First Ave in Arcadia.
Belle n' Beau Photography is the place.

[ps if you geocache try looking in arcadia on First. i know where one is! that is my hint.]

i do lots of things as the studio manager.
i make appts.
i help people order their portraits.
i retouch.
i fb. for the company that is!
i do graphics.
i get photographed.
just to name a few daily activities.

why do i bring this up you ask?
well ..

i made this >>> look down!

there is a huge parade on our street tomorrow for the 4th of July and we thought it would be a great opportunity to get new clients to come in! and cool off of course.

here is a little taste of the photo love you'll get at Bn'B! 

meet the warner girls!

side note: there is a 20x30 portrait of me and my sisters hanging in the studio right above my desk when i do orders and it makes me giggle every time i see them look up and then look at me and look up again!

so come! update your family portraits! or start having one! 
thats what the warners did anyways!
here is the big vinyl poster in the front of our studio.
i like!

happy summer!