April 25, 2010

let the summer begin !

this guy is home for the summer ! my best friend for lyfe. jose romo jr.


we will rep it and live it ! let the good times roll.

SUMMER 2010 !

April 15, 2010



tomorrow is the reuniting ! APRIL 16, 2010 !

this is the first time [picture below] i ever met my sweet SISTER PAMELLA JO BLACK.

we are family. best friends. sisters.

i met her November 26, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

i am her mama warner and she is my baby girl black.

this is the day we met.

all my mama hood said to me was, "HOT PINK POLKA DOT SWEATER !"

that meant her. sister black. i was going to be her trainer in the WMM. 

grandma hood called it and i was oh so proud !

we saw so many miracles together while we served faithfully in GB&SB !

this is the last time i saw my sister black.  [picture below]

March 2, 2010. i was going home in 3 days and she was starting her last 6weeks in the WMM.

she was on her way to Milwaukee to become a mama herself ! 

in honor of the LAST time i would see her as us both being missionaries she wore her ..


just for me.

for our memories. for our sweet relationship. for us to smile.

she is AMAZING. hardest worker ever.

i LOVE the black family and i am so excited to get to be waiting at the airport with them for this wonderful representative of Jesus Christ when she steps off the plane in Phoenix !

she makes me smile !

April 10, 2010

california love !

this song sums it up the best.

i have A LOT of cali pride !

excuse the crazy intro ..


[i cant figure out how to upload a video ! help please. hannah i know you would know !]

April 05, 2010

one month !

it is now april 5, 2010.
one month down.
i cant tell whether its gone fast or slow.
i am really grateful to be reunited with these two wonderful ladies.
big sister & sister.
they are my life. they keep me grounded. they keep me going.

and also i have FINALLY met the boys in their lives.
brother alex & brother braden.
both who i have only known for one month now.
they have both been in the family for over 16 months though !
they are keepers. good for my sisters. very nice to me. good brothers. i approve.

April 04, 2010

Easter Morn ..

what a glorious day.

it is the day we celebrate the RESURRECTION of the Savior Jesus Christ.

i know we have a Prophet and Apostles on the earth today who are special witness' that the Savior Lives.

i know with all my heart that HE LIVES. it is true.

i KNOW Jesus is the Christ and that only through Him can we return to our Heavenly Father.

what a gift He gave us.

i love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

April 01, 2010

april 1st, 2010

today is april fools day.

i really don't know why we have a day to pull pranks on each other.

maybe i should wikipedia it.

i have no good pranks to play.

all i have is this ..

april 1st, 2009 .. i was in Wisconsin and i met my 4th companion .. Sister Virginia Johnson !

that was a day to remember. not in a joking way. it was a really good day.

especially b.c. gary did not cancel or april fools us.

thats all i got. no jokes. just memories.