April 05, 2010

one month !

it is now april 5, 2010.
one month down.
i cant tell whether its gone fast or slow.
i am really grateful to be reunited with these two wonderful ladies.
big sister & sister.
they are my life. they keep me grounded. they keep me going.

and also i have FINALLY met the boys in their lives.
brother alex & brother braden.
both who i have only known for one month now.
they have both been in the family for over 16 months though !
they are keepers. good for my sisters. very nice to me. good brothers. i approve.


  1. please photo shop beaver into this picture.
    just so you know i found out that you were new to the blog. aka you have a new blog.
    dang you for forgetting to tell me.
    love you.

  2. sorry my mama.
    i just changed the name of it.
    same old one though.
    i love you yet.

  3. ok so little sister i totally need a copy of all these pictures and the ones yor still havent posted .. love you they turned out awesome