April 15, 2010



tomorrow is the reuniting ! APRIL 16, 2010 !

this is the first time [picture below] i ever met my sweet SISTER PAMELLA JO BLACK.

we are family. best friends. sisters.

i met her November 26, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

i am her mama warner and she is my baby girl black.

this is the day we met.

all my mama hood said to me was, "HOT PINK POLKA DOT SWEATER !"

that meant her. sister black. i was going to be her trainer in the WMM. 

grandma hood called it and i was oh so proud !

we saw so many miracles together while we served faithfully in GB&SB !

this is the last time i saw my sister black.  [picture below]

March 2, 2010. i was going home in 3 days and she was starting her last 6weeks in the WMM.

she was on her way to Milwaukee to become a mama herself ! 

in honor of the LAST time i would see her as us both being missionaries she wore her ..


just for me.

for our memories. for our sweet relationship. for us to smile.

she is AMAZING. hardest worker ever.

i LOVE the black family and i am so excited to get to be waiting at the airport with them for this wonderful representative of Jesus Christ when she steps off the plane in Phoenix !

she makes me smile !

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  1. i love the blacky so much too. so glad you loved her and were so good for her and she for you. best story ever told. loved that i called it. remember how we hated murray instantly. jk we didn't. but we wanted you to have black even before i meet her and wanted to scoop her up and eat her like an ice cream sundae. oh please tell her i love her. and that i am so grateful that she is such a good missionary. becasue really makes me proud.
    love you.
    please reunite with me.
    i'm sick of waiting.
    i need a blog post too ;)