April 01, 2010

april 1st, 2010

today is april fools day.

i really don't know why we have a day to pull pranks on each other.

maybe i should wikipedia it.

i have no good pranks to play.

all i have is this ..

april 1st, 2009 .. i was in Wisconsin and i met my 4th companion .. Sister Virginia Johnson !

that was a day to remember. not in a joking way. it was a really good day.

especially b.c. gary did not cancel or april fools us.

thats all i got. no jokes. just memories.


  1. did you ever meet gary in gb.
    was his name even gary.
    i forget.

  2. im talkin bout GMAN in neenah.
    not sure about gary in GB ?
    was he the one who new president jensen ?