June 22, 2009

diligently seeketh .. [06.22.09]

1st order of buisness in the life of SISTER WARNER IN THE WMM is ..

TRANSFERS ! and she is STAYING ! i get to be with MY GIRL SISTER JOHNSON FOR ONE MORE TRANSFER [that means we are on our 3rd together !] and i get to be with my WINNEBAGO YSA ! life is good and PRESIDENT BARRETT is SO INSPIRED ! sister j and i have LOTS to do .. we are gonna get UWO off and running for real this time and the YSA are gonna teach all of wisconsin with us !

BUT with all this good news of staying comes other news .. we are moving from the THIEL HOME to another home in appleton in just about 2 weeks SO i am going to request you send ALL MAIL to the MISSION HOME .. just b.c. it will be easier for now .. [marmie if you send a package send it to the thiels home ok ?]

so the address is :

5651 Broad St. Ste #1
Greendale, WI 53129


another funny fact about WISCONSIN ! there are 4 season here .. let me explain ..

green bay packers football .. WINTER = 7 MONTHS .. road construction .. mosquitos !
i came to the WMM during the packers season .. i SURVIVED the 7 months of winter .. road construction has been CRAZY .. and the mosquitos are starting to come out and i am feelin it ! I LOVE WISCONSIN !

onto the miracles of the Lord !

1 Nephi 10:19
"For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghost, as well in these times as in times of old, and as well in times of old as in times to come; wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal round."

i have seen this principle in action this week ! i know when we diligently seek Heavenly Father truly reveals unto us, His children, His mysteries .. just as in times before, it is so now and it is AMAZING !

the week was jammed packed with AMAZING lessons and opportunities to spread the good word of God ..

here are the HIGHLIGHTS :

* ZONE PDAY + INVESTIGATORS + MEMBERS = the funnest day !

* Jeremiah bringing friends to FHE .. namly CRAIG ! his knowledge about the Catholic faith is mind blowing .. he has been Catholic his whole life and very much practising .. we had a good conversation with him about both faiths !

* BRITTNIE is understanding the scriptures more and more each time we meet .. the hardest part is her how busy she is .. we are praying somehow it works out so that she can more fully come on His path.

* i heart oshkosh institute. we are getting it on campus at UWO in the fall .. its gonna go down !

* CRAIG calling US and asking US TO TEACH HIM ! WHAT ???!!! the best moment ever ! jer is an amazing missionary and this was even before he was baptized ! jer wants to convert all of wisconsin ! and of course we are all for that !

* our YSA getting together and supporting each other and always taking about how central Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is in their lives is beautiful ! its so great that we can get them together each week to play and dicuss how blessed we are !

* JEREMIAH THOMAS JAMES ENTERED THE BAPTISMAL WATERS ON JUNE 20, 2009 ! it was PERFECT ! 3 recent converts gave talks and bore testimony and THEN RIGHT AFTER JEREMIAH WAS BAPTIZED HE BORE HIS TESTIMONY ! it was beautiful .. [mind you ben slade had to dunk him 3 times ! and say the prayer 4 times ! it was a good experience for our jer ! haha]

* after the baptism we went to the "BEACH" with our YSA ! uh .. their version of a beach is actually a lake and there is no sand .. it is grass ! haha oh how I LOVE WISCONSIN !
* SUNDAY = WE TURNED HMONG FOR THE AFTERNOON ! pang kou yang is moving this week to milwaukee for a job and she loves us so much and we are so part of their family that she wanted us to dress up with them to take some "family" pictures ! it was such a fun experience ! Hmong clothes are so cool ! dont you think ?!

* TODAY = PDAY ! it is also e. pulleys last pday ing the mission .. this is a sad fact for me b.c. e. pulley has been my 1st zone leader and has been my zone leader for my whole misison yet ! 10 months i've been around this kid ! he has become a good friend and I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM HIM ! so for pday for him we are having a PARK PDAY EXTRAVAGANZA ! to say see you later to him and pang kou and e. vialpando [our DL ] b.c. he is getting transfered ! its gonna be lots of fun !

* did i mention how HUMID it is here ! i havent felt like this since i lived in HAWAII ! its crazy !

this work is amazing. i know i am here in Wisconsin b.c. the Lord needed me here and i am SO grateful to be here.

sister warner

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