April 03, 2012

FIND .. film is not dead.

it really isn't.
i am obsessed with film.

i wish i still had access to a darkroom.
that would be lovely.
but at least i have my analog cameras to play with.

so why am i talking about film?

because of this guy >>> jonathan canlas

he started FIND. [film is not dead]
he holds workshops everywhere to teach anyone how to shoot film.
want his book?! i have it. and love it >>> FIND

one day i will go to his workshop.
and i already know i will love it.
but until that happens i will just look at these photos everyday.

about 2 months or so ago jonathan posted on FB that he needed some couples for models.
[i follow him all over FB. i know kinda creepy. he prob gets tired of all my "liking"]
a mutual friend of ours recommended me and mr. barlow.

i immediately asked mr. barlow if he wouldn't mind going into work a little late so we could be a part of this.
luckily he knows how obsessed i am with jonathans style and film.
he said yes right away! thank you mr. barlow.

now let your eyes feast on the beauties of film and jonathans greatness.

he is the bomb.
we were almost frozen by the time it was over.
but i did not mind one bit.


  1. So I love the pictures...but this may be a stupid question...how can you tell a difference in a print if it is film versus digital? Keep in mind that I have very untrained eyes

  2. not stupid at all!
    its hard to tell bc all we look at these days are digital.
    whats different is the grain and how you focus in a film camera.

  3. Wow, lucky you guys! I love these, obviously.

  4. Wow, lucky you guys! I love these, obviously.

  5. Ok these are the awesomest! Seriously, GORGEOUS! I adore looking at them!