April 29, 2012

6 months. half a year. 182.5 days.

here we are.
happy newlyweds!
half way to one year.

we celebrated by going to church, mr. barlow doing his home teaching, and me taking a 3 hour nap!
we also made a delicious dinner and watched modern family all night.
we are pretty romantic huh?!

oh hi husband.
i love you.

we celebrate in style!
obvi that means some Martinellis.
i love me some marriage.

[no we are not pregnant.] 
even though the knot.com is trying to get us to join thebump.com [see below!]

we have a calling at church!!!

mr. barlow and i are teaching the CTR 5 class!
they are so cute. and rambunctious.
they are ages 5 & 6. and we have 12 of them.
this sunday was our first time with them and i would say we survived!

we taught about the healing power of the Priesthood and we asked the class if they had ever gotten sick..
one little girl raised her hand and said, "i take medicine that makes my poops really big!" 
what can we say.. we love our class!

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