June 13, 2011

home sweet home!

weekend in AZ was a success.
i am happy to be in my own bed now though!

H's baby shower was so nicely done by her sweet mother in law!
also lynzie came by with the cutest evie girl! 
that was fun to see her again!

look at that belly!
its like there is a basketball in there!
as we sat in church i had my hand on her tummy almost the whole time.
easton has a good kick!

i also got to be with my mr. barlow and family for the Les Mis play at ASU.
it was a grand time all around.
we also had a lovely warner/barlow sunday lunch together!
thank you H&B for the yummy food.

on sunday eve i took some maternity photos of the soon to be mommy and daddy!
the lighting and location turned out to be perfect in queen creek!
here is just a little teaser.

more to share of that cute baby bump named easton!
next time we see H&B easton will actually be here!
i am so excited to be an aunt.


and just b.c. i am pretty much obsessed with mr. barlow here is a photograph to enjoy from the night he asked me to be his wife.

its been a whole month of engagement!
october seems far away but i know will come ever so quick.
i need to get down to business in planning this dance party reception.
yes you heard that right, dance party.
come prepared! 

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  1. your hair looks good up in a high bun :)

    and dance party wedding receptions are the only way to go in my book. aha