June 29, 2011

a girl needs a posse right?!

4 months till the marriage of mr. barlow & i.

good thing i have my posse.

my big sister laura.

my sister heather.

my cousin hannah.

my little sister sydney.

my other half named cat.

my girl hayna.

my soon to be sister kimberly.
[ps she really did make me take a test.]

my sweet harry potter lovin soon to be sister hannah.

 thank you ladies!
i heart you.


  1. so cute! holy hannah, that's a lot of hannahs!

  2. three hannahs!!! i wouldn't have noticed it if robbie hadn't pointed it out. hahaha.

  3. what can i say, i love palindromes!

  4. SO HAPPY I MADE THE CUT ! I am so ready to be fully immersed in wedding plans and preperations. LETS DO THIS! love you.