April 06, 2011


in approximately 10 days i will be participating in the .. 

also known as the relay series of death!

cat and i have been asking each other everyday how did we get roped into this?!

let me tell you ..

our dear friend brandt is all about running.
and he is good. let me tell you.

he lives for Ragnar.
his family are the ones who kinda started this whole event ..
wasatch back anyone?!

so you want to know what this relay of death is??? >>> RAGNAR

it really will be fun.
if we dont die.

12 runners.
2 vans.
200 miles.
24 hours.
huntington beach to san diego.

i really am excited.
we decided to do this back in eh .. november/december ..
plenty, i repeat PLENTY of time to train correct?!

well i started running for the first time in about 7 months in february.
i did good for about 1.5 weeks.

then i stopped.

oh hey! then i realized there was only 3 weeks before the big race! 
lets start training! again.
oh ya thats me.

but to be honest i havent ran in 5 days.
brandt please dont hate me!

i am runner #10.

my legs are as follows ..

leg #1 = 5.5 miles
leg #2 = 3.8 miles
leg #3 = 6.4 miles

total amount of running = 15.7 miles


i hear its all about the experience!
im really hoping death is NOT a part of it.

ill go run tomorrow ..


  1. oh mel love. good luck! my sister did that one last year and the vegas one too. please don't let death be part of it for you!

  2. oh my! i would die. i cannot run to save my life. put me in a pool though...i will swim for miles! good luck!

  3. i will let you know the outcome!
    prayers will be appreciated! joking. but really.

  4. so excited for you sister... i wish i could run it with you but Easton wouldnt like that.. how about we do one next year? deal ok ok done :) you will do awesome.