April 04, 2011

General Conference ..

Latter-Day Saints around the world spend the first weekend in April and October listening and watching 8+ hours of talks by the Prophet and Apostles of our day!

what a wonderful weekend filled with the Spirit and guidance from the Lord!

i loved it. i feel renewed. i feel motivated. i feel blessed.

these links explain why this last weekend and october are so meaningful for us Latter-Day Saints.

check them out.

watch this >>> Why Conference Matters?

why general conference means so much to us >>> Conference Brings Blessings!

and now see for yourself!

you can watch, listen or dowload >>> General Conference Sessions

the windows of heaven are open and the Lord speaks to us today through our Prophets and Apostles!

what a blessing.


  1. I love you! Conference was the best. I'm so glad it's every 6 months!! Hope you're doing well!

  2. so glad you loved it like i did. i found so many things i wanted to talk to you about. but mostly.
    the lord blesses us.

    i miss you.