March 05, 2011

a year back in LA ..

a year ago today i came home from the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission!

where has the year gone?!

sometimes it still feels like it was just the other day i was there among my beloved wisconsinites eating cheese and drinking gallons of milk.

other days it feels like it really has been a year since i got on my flight in milwaukee and landed in california.


i've had a lot of thoughts about today.
i miss the WMM more than i can explain.
BUT ..
i love being involved with my family on a daily basis.

i can watch my homecoming video over and over and over and NEVER get tired of it!
[hopefully it will decide to upload tomorrow.]

i did find these gems along with my welcome home vid that i never saw until today.
they made me laugh and smile and shed a couple tears!


this 1st one has some pretty funny commentary by the best bro A and Brother Braden!
apparently they mistook me for some guy who caught off his finger and got famous for it so they started filming .. 

this 2nd one cracks me up!
i will admit I DID take forever to get off that plane!

let me explain ..
1. i was in the very last row of the very large plane
2. i really needed to use the restroom when i got off the plane
3. i was a little worried i would walk out and no one would be there

in their wait bro A made a vid for me to tell me i was taking TOO long!

my actual homecoming video is not letting blogger load it at the minute so we will try at a later time.


i will say this though i did have THE BEST welcome home committee EVER!
look at them. best. ever.
[this includes you lisa jane since you are the photog here!]

when i finally came down those stairs my twins charged.
it was the best feeling ever.
im just glad they didnt knock me over in my skirt!

sister hugs are amazing.

warner family hugs are everything.

i especially love this shot ..
[thank you again lisa!]

to be completly smothered in love was something i will never forget.

and then FINALLY my sisters let me for real hug my marmie!

i find this next photo amusing for many different reasons ..

1. i look abnormally short here
2. i didnt know whether to laugh of cry .. so many emotions at once
3. i never fail to make H laugh .. does she get why she is laughing? only half the time!

sweet reunion 2010!
one of the best days ever.

guess where my first stop in good ole CALIFORNIA was?!
In - N - Out.

also that day i met 2 additions to my warner family ..
Braden & Alex.
that was interesting and fun and most likely awkward!
but i love them with my sisters so it all worked out.

best. welcome. home. committee. ever.

so what did i do today to celebrate my love for California and my anniversary of coming back?!

ate at In - N - Out.

i still miss the WMM every. single. day.

why? let me tell you ..

1. waking up every morning and putting on my tag that says "Sister Warner".
being a full time representative of the Savior Jesus Christ.

2. my companions. 
getting to be with them all day. everyday. everywhere.

3. saying 50+ prayers a day.
for every thing. whether it was little or small.

4. bearing my testimony multiple times a day.

they are some pretty amazing people. all of them.

6. the fall.

7. President & Sister Barrett.
need i say more?

8. Green Bay. Appleton. Milwaukee. Madison.

9. putting all my effort, love, time, service and faith into the work of the Lord.

10. the accents of the midwest.

this list could go on FOR DAYS!
[elder oldman anyone?!]

"You will NEVER see the end of the good from your service in WI."
President Barrett

this is truth.
i know it.

as much as i miss my hand shaped state i am grateful to be home for lots of reasons ..

1. my family.
our love grew for each other even though i was apart from them for 1.5 years.

2. the gospel continuing to go forth in WI.
i love getting texts, phone calls, fb messages calling me "sister warner" and giving me updates!

3. "on my mission .."
i am the girl that talks about her mission constantly bc it literally changed my life. i can never stop talking about the goodness of the WMM. the stories remind me of the Lords daily tender mercies.

4. having a full time job that i love!
my job really came as a blessing in disguise. it all happend in the Lords timing and job was perfect for me.

5. G7 Ward
these ysa have taken me in and made me one of their own.

6. the never ending connections i have to Wisconsin!
i continue to meet people who are related to the WMM. it makes me smile.

7. cameras.
i love being able to take photos again and focus on what a photographic image is all about.

8. staying up late.
its nice not having a designated bed time. even though i did love it on the mission.

dancing is the best form of exercise ever invented.

10. dating mr. barlow.
this boy is a blessing and makes me all kinds of happy.

Heavenly Father is a God of miracles.
He gave me the opportunity to serve Him full time and He sent me to the BEST place for me.

i love Wisconsin everyday.
i also love California everyday.

i love the Lords hand in my life and where He continues to guide me.

i am also grateful to get to wear jeans daily and not eat 3 dinners a night! 

i heart wisconsin forever.

i guess i cant use the excuse .. "i was on my mission .." anymore?!
cat will say its about time i stop using it!


  1. you can still use it! Melcat at in n out in 50 years..."On my mission..." <3 love you.

  2. I loved reading this! Your family is so great.

  3. i'm sooooo glad that you came home the weekend i was in cali! i loved that i got to help see you off at the mtc and to greet you at the airport when you got home! love you mel!

  4. ooooooooooooooh!
    a YEAR already.
    i can hardly believe it.
    i feel you...and this post...for SO many reasons.
    sometimes i feel like that "..on my mission.." girl...everyday i'm still thinking about it all the GOOD that came from it. a mission is a never ending blessing. true story.
    i have a friend that likes to tell me "oh come home from your mission already!"'s just that my life has forever changed as well.
    i'm happy to have someone who knows exaclty how i feel too.
    happy one year home!

  5. cat - bc you gave me permission i AM going to use it yet!

    hill mill - you are a sweet one.

    lisa jane - what perfect timing! mtc and welcome home!

    whit - IT MAKES MY HEART HAPPY THAT WE GET EACH OTHER! i totally agree. my life has been changed and i will continue to be that changed person! love to you!

  6. I LOVE YOU!!! and we've never met face to face :) I'm so glad that through Esther I get to learn about you too.