March 16, 2011

another year OLDER & WISER too!

i love every year of life.
i'm on my 26th now!

i have such great family.

my sisters wrote some sweet words about me ..

read them here >>>

its great having an older sister.
its even better having TWO.
its the absolute BEST when they are twins!

for the adventure of turning 26 we celebrated life, love, family and friends by having sushi!

and this amazing cake!
thank you my cat and whoeve decided to put 26 candles on this beauty!

ichima has the best birthday song around.
just go and experience it!

i feel blessed to have another year to learn and grow.
life is wonderful!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! sorry i'm a day late.
    but i love you! glad it was so fun for you! you deserve the best!

  2. happy birthday! i love sushi. i love friends. I love birthdays. I love you. happy happy day.