May 28, 2010

2 transfers ..

today was the day for missionaries to go home in the WMM ..
as of today i have been home for 2 transfers ..


but right now i am NOT yet.
it is crazy how time has flown and yet at time seems slow.
i left my beloved Barretts ..

BUT ..
came home to my beloved WARNERS!
they are SO good to me. 
i heart them to the moon and back. AND MORE!

sweet. sweet. love.

and i get to be in the GREAT state of CALIFORNIA!
the city of LA never sleeps. wait isn't that NYC motto?!
but MONROVIA is the best. seriously.

look at this GREAT family.
and YES the brown guy is a part of my family.
BFFL jose romo jr is part of this crew!

AND we can NEVER take a NORMAL photo.
this is another reason WHY i love being home with my family.

its great.

WISCONSIN will NEVER leave my heart. 
never. ever.

one day though i will STOP counting in transfers .. promise!

[and to my mama hood i WILL make a post about YOU. just wait!]

more to come LATER about what i have been DOING in my 2 transfers home!

May 10, 2010

the time goes on ..

life is moving along ..

i decided i LOVE the month of MAY.

here are a couple of reasons ..

#1 .. i received my mission call for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on MAY 8th, 2008 !

#2 .. its Mothers day ! i just love my marmie and the fact that i can and hopefully will be a mother one day !

#3 .. SPRING ! enough said.

#4 ..  end of school .. beginning of summer time !

#5 .. i went to the Temple for the first time on MAY 30th, 2008 !

there are many other reasons for me to LOVE the month of May but those are my top 5 that i can think of right now.

something else that i LOVE are MORMON MESSAGES.

this one is very touching to me and i know the many others who have seen this already or who know of the nie nie blog. i LOVE her strength and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. her and her husband are an inspiration to me.

May 09, 2010


this is my marmie. she is the best MOTHER ever.
i know EVERYONE says that about their mothers but this is the truth.
just look at her !

i was so HAPPY to hug her tons and tons after NOT being with her for 1.5 years.


May 05, 2010

cinco de mayo !

this is my mexican friend jose romo jr.
he IS mexico !

this was our conversation a couple days ago ..

melanie : "jose, we should have a fiesta for cinco de mayo ! you are mexican !"

jose romo jr. : "cinco de mayo is just a holiday made so white people could get drunk."

i agree with that fact. in case you were wondering we did NOT celebrate the 5th of may.

[btw .. it has been 2 months since i returned from the great state of WISCONSIN.
i miss it everyday, oh so bad.
also 1 of my Wisco YSA went into the MTC today to start HIS mission ! guess to where ?!
looks like WISCONSIN is meeting CALI NATION this time !
go > fight > win > ELDER CLIFF MILLER !]