May 05, 2010

cinco de mayo !

this is my mexican friend jose romo jr.
he IS mexico !

this was our conversation a couple days ago ..

melanie : "jose, we should have a fiesta for cinco de mayo ! you are mexican !"

jose romo jr. : "cinco de mayo is just a holiday made so white people could get drunk."

i agree with that fact. in case you were wondering we did NOT celebrate the 5th of may.

[btw .. it has been 2 months since i returned from the great state of WISCONSIN.
i miss it everyday, oh so bad.
also 1 of my Wisco YSA went into the MTC today to start HIS mission ! guess to where ?!
looks like WISCONSIN is meeting CALI NATION this time !
go > fight > win > ELDER CLIFF MILLER !]

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