May 10, 2010

the time goes on ..

life is moving along ..

i decided i LOVE the month of MAY.

here are a couple of reasons ..

#1 .. i received my mission call for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on MAY 8th, 2008 !

#2 .. its Mothers day ! i just love my marmie and the fact that i can and hopefully will be a mother one day !

#3 .. SPRING ! enough said.

#4 ..  end of school .. beginning of summer time !

#5 .. i went to the Temple for the first time on MAY 30th, 2008 !

there are many other reasons for me to LOVE the month of May but those are my top 5 that i can think of right now.

something else that i LOVE are MORMON MESSAGES.

this one is very touching to me and i know the many others who have seen this already or who know of the nie nie blog. i LOVE her strength and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. her and her husband are an inspiration to me.


  1. hey, our teacher in relief society played this video in her lesson on sunday.

  2. I'm glad I came to your new blog! Thanks for sharing that video. It was very special to watch. I hope all is going well and we miss you! Remember to look us up if you come to UT!

  3. hi sister is me payano from green bay . i love mormon messege too. and this one , those messege make me feel very good. i love your blogspot.