November 16, 2009

o be wise ! [11.16.09]



she is the greatest marmie a girl can ask for. thank you for everything marmie. thank you for supporting me here in wisconsin ! they love you for it !

so many blessings all the time are found here in milwaukee, wisconsin with sister pluim and i ..

11.09 .. we had a ZONE PDAY last monday .. i got to see my girls .. black and little j ! and of course my russian j but now she is gone in russia ..

we went down to KENOSHA and played FUTBOL and FOOTBALL ! it sure was fun ! its a little chilly outside but once you start running around it is all good !

our sweet KATIE WENZEL came to YSA FHE later that night .. she is good at jepordy .. let me tell you !

oh and we got a NEW CAR ! its a 2010 corolla .. i am still learning to drive it .. its just a little diff then the mailbus .. it smells like new car though ! it is fun !

11.10 .. THE MENTERS .. we have been working with them for a while yet and they have kinda fallen off the band wagon .. we commited them to pray specifically about the restoration .. if it is true like they say it is .. THEY MUST ACT .. we are waiting for the action .. i love KIM, ZAK AND SAMI .. i want them to taste of the sweet fruit and Heavenly Father wants them too as well ..

11.11 .. by the time i am done with my mission i will know how to take care of a yard so good ! MARMIE .. I AM ENLISTING MYSELF TO HELP WITH YARD WORK :) we helped sweet sister heck get her yard all prepared for the winter that is soon to come .. she is the only member in her family .. she joined when she was 17 and has been going since .. she tells everyone in her path the JOY of the restored gospel !

SARA .. how i love that girl. we love teaching her at UWM .. she is enthusiastic and really is trying to nourish that seed of faith .. she will be baptized before the new year !

UWM BOOTHS = TONS OF FUN ! especially this week .. EVERYONE WANTED TO BASH WITH US. it was s.pluims first experience with this and she was not too fond. it was ok for me .. i knew how to handle it b.c. of MHS and getting bashed with during lunch time !

AMANDA .. AMANDA .. AMANDA ! oh how i love her. she is an answer to my prayer this week. she is val risse [RC] best friend. her husband is over fighting in Afghanistan right now and she has little CADEN who is 20months old. we had a beautiful lesson with her this week about ENOS and PRAYER .. durning the lesson she told us she was quiting smoking .. THAT NIGHT .. on her own ! then towards the end of the lesson she asked a question that was specific to me and the experiences of who i am today and as tears came to my eyes i boldly told her, "i am a living example of bad things happening to good people." the spirit filled the room with Heavenly Fathers love for each of us individually and the understanding of agency was the answer.

i am grateful to know that Heavenly Father loves me. even in the hard and bad times. i KNOW He is there and that all is made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. i know that my lifes experiences have helped me to be the women i am today, the missionary i am and why i am here in wisconsin. i love this gospel. i love all of you who have stood by me and lifted me up and helped me to become who i am today.

11.12 .. i love amanda .. she came to institute on thursday night and received a blessing from President Orne in helping her to quit smoking ! she is a wonderful women !

HEATHER B. is so cute. she is a YSA and s.boschi from the muskego lakes ward referred her. we had such an awesome lesson about the restoration. s.pluims analogys are EXACTLY what she needs to learn and grow in the gospel. she said she now felt confused b.c. she was raised knowing something else but that she was going to ask b.c. only H.F. can give us the answers through the power of the Holy Ghost. we love her and of course i love that name !

11.13 .. just a little side note .. ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR AREA BOOK [if your on a mission or going of course .. if not update your journal !] .. remember me asking you papa, "whats an area book ?" papa: "its a book that stays in your area." WELL I DEF UNDERSTAND AN AREA BOOK .. lets just say ours needed a lot of updating and it got it and it is good.

11.14 .. we went and saw SUSAN ! her daughter [is the only LDS] just got married in the temple and we got to teach her more about it all .. she went out west to help them move and got to go to temple square and loved it ! we are seeing her again this week !

11.15 .. oh sundays ! how i love them .. we are there a very long time but it is fulfilling and refreshing !

SISTER AND ELDER ALDER LEAVE THIS WEEK. they are our senior office couple and i love them so much and sad to see them have to go .. there was a little piano concert put on by sister alder [she is amazing] last night in honor of their service her in WI.

i love this gospel. i love this work.


Jacob 6:12
"O be wise; what can I say more?"

that is what we need to remember. O BE WISE !

i also found this to be interesting this week and found it a good motto for us all to "O be wise" and live by ..

Jarom 1:11
"Wherefore, the prophets, and the priests, and the teachers, did labor diligently, exhorting with all long-suffering the people to diligence; teaching the law of Moses, and the intent for which it was given; persuading them to look forward unto the Messiah, and believe in him to come as though he already was. And after this manner did they teach them."

as we live our lives as if the Messiah is already here how much better will we all be ?

have an amazing week ! remember .."o be wise" .. "believe in him[Christ] to come as though he already was"

sister warner

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