November 09, 2009


i have been thinking a lot about what the restored gospel of Jesus Christ means ..

it means ..


today is dads, Mark Richard Warners birthday .. thinking about him passing away when i was just a little over 2 years old draws a blank. i do not remember anything about dad .. i look at pictures and hear fun stories but for me i cant remember anything ..

BUT ..

b.c. marmie, laura, heather and i accepted the restored gospel we have received the blessings of an ETERNAL FAMILY.

through the restoration we have the authority of the priesthood brought back to us and we have the blessings of having TEMPLES on the earth just like back in the bible times.

i am so grateful e.pittard and e.bills came to our house when i was just 10 years old. i was young but i knew it felt right .. it was peace and happiness and fulness ..

ETERNAL BLESSINGS come from living and partaking of the restored gospel .. i feel so blessed to be telling all around me of the true happiness they can have !

my sweet family .. i love you so very much. i would not be here without you and marmie we would not have these eternal blessings without you partaking of the fruit of the restored gospel. THANK YOU. i feel so blessed and happy.

my faith has been renewed by the inspiration of others and the Lord has many miracles in our path .. we saw some just this very week !

the Lord opened the hearts of TONY, PETER, SHERRI AND CHERYL this past week ..

we went to west allis to find a member who hasnt come to church in a long time and while she was not there the Lord led us to tony, peter, sherri and cheryl .. we are going back this week to teach them what the restored gospel means !

there is opposition in all things and even though everyone we were trying to see in the afternoon was not there the Lord opened the doors in west allis !

the blessings are endless .. i truly love this work and feel so honored and blessed to be a part of it ..

i am running out of time .. we have to go switch our car b.c. it is getting retired and we get a brand NEW car ! so exciting !

a funny story from this week .. i learned a lesson about LEAVES ! there are A LOT of them with the fall ending that have well you guessed it fallen .. EVERYONE HAS PILES OF RAKED LEAVES EVERYWHERE ..

so my thoughts were .. why even rake them ? the snow is gonna come and then no one will see them .. well BISHOP FANNON enlightened me on the matter .. it ruins the grass if you leave them there and the snow comes .. how would i know that ?! haha

so we got to help the MENTERS rake their HUGE lawn this weekend BUT the weather was PERFECT !

it felt like california this weekend .. well the winter in SO*CAL ! oh i loved it !

many more blessings are on its way ..


i know this restored gospel is true. if you dont believe me .. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF !

go to and read, then ask, then act and you will know too ! i get to do it all the time and again and again ! just try it ! i promise you will want the ETERNAL BLESSINGS !

sister warner

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