September 28, 2009

labored much .. [09.21.09]

WOW. changes galore happened this past week !

one of the coolest parts besides getting to meet my new daughter SISTER PLUIM was getting to see my little sister johnson go be companions with my sister black ! HOW COOL IS THAT ? and we are all in the SAME ZONE ! crazy and so fun ! i love it !

the other crazy part is that the Lord decided to put us milwaukee sisters back in a TRIO .. but with me training .. its crazy but we are working it out. the other crazy part is that i am back with the tall sister johnson .. she is on her last transfer and soeur earl and her switched spots in madison ! i am not sure why all these changes but i know everything is in the Lords inspiration and His timing.

SISTER PLUIM. she is cute as a button. she is from ogden utah and comes from a family of 11 children ! she is the 2nd oldest and they range from 24years - 4years old ! they are so cute in all the pictures ! she is excited as can be for her time in WI. its so fun b.c. my mama hood trained me this time last year and now i am in her spot and she is in mine. its really fun !

this last week was full of sweet experiences with sister earl and then getting sister pluim and johnson. the new missionaries were all supposed to get to WI on thursday but the MTC didnt tell them they were leaving so they missed there flight and got here friday afternoon .. we had to do lots of changes quick in our schedules but it worked out well !

the sweetest experience was with ANGELINA :

she is toni cooks daugther, toni is from the muskego lakes ward. toni cook has been a member all her life but in and out of activity .. angelina wanted at one point to be baptized when she was about 10 and now she is 22 .. her mom went less active then and angelina was not open to the idea of baptism again when her mom started coming back .. BUT she[angelina] has had a change of heart and has been coming these past couple weeks to sacrament with toni and she just moved out of the cooks house asked to have her new apt blessed this past thursday 09.17 we went there with the elders vogan and stevens and they blessed her apt and then she asked for a blessing of direction from the elders and then she asked us, "so how do i start the baptism classes." WHAT FAITH AND PERSERVERENCE !

it was sweet and we sure are starting the baptism classes with her ! we are getting her involved with the YSA too ! it was such a sweet experience !

this week the highlight is .. ZONE CONFERENCE ! i love it so much.

this is our transfer scripture and i know it to be true ..

Alma 8:10
"Nevertheless Alma labored much in the spirit, wrestling with God in mighty prayer, that he would pour out his Spirit upon the people who were in the city; that he would also grant that he might baptize them unto repentance."

if we labor much and pray mightly the Spirit will be with us and then these wisconsinities will feel it and come unto the Savior, Jesus Christ ! I LOVE THIS WORK !

the Lord sure does find ways to make us stretch and grow and even though it hurts sometimes we come out taller in the end !

sister warner

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