April 06, 2009

uplifted and edified .. [04.06.09]

i feel renewed .. i feel strengthened .. i feel full of faith and hope .. i feel uplifted and edified !

how amazing was it that we had the opportunity to listen to our beloved prophet, apostles and leaders of this wonderful church ! i cant express my gratitude enough for a living prophet on the earth today, to lead and guide us on our path towards eternal life. i am grateful to know the heavens are still open and that the counsel and guidance we received this weekend was from our loving Heavenly Father. i cant wait to study more fully the words spoken this last weekend. the counsel from all the leaders who spoke was indeed inspired and needed for all of us !

i love going into conference with questions written down .. i had different things on my mind that i needed help and guidance with .. and i received all the answers i needed from my Heavenly Father this weekend .. it was amazing and i pray i can go forth with more strength, faith and boldness in what i know to be true !

not only was GENERAL CONFERENCE a highlight of my week BUT ending a transfer with my Sister Kristin Johnson .. who is now in Madison ! that wasnt so much a highlight leaving each other BUT going to Milwaukee and meeting my new girl DEF was a highlight !

my new girl and comp is :
SISTER JOHNSON ! haha [i know 2 johnsons in a row .. kinda funny :)]

from : Orem, Utah
age : 21 .. just turned right before the MTC !
school : Utah State .. my 1st aggie companion !
studying : was international business BUT NOW is illustration !

we are both artists and have very similar personalities and style .. its great ! she is so fun and very funny ! she is an amazing missionary and her knowledge of the scriptures is amazing ! her faith and excitement is wonderful. she has jumped straight into missionary work with full heart and force and I LOVE IT !

the last week was so fun !

we had a big goodbye FHE last monday 03.30 for my old sister j and it was so fun ! the Winnebago YSA love her and she has done so much for the branch .. they were sad to see her go but excited for a new missionary !

on 04.01 NO april fools jokes were played BUT it we did get up at 4:45a that morning .. NO JOKE ! we had to be in Milwaukee for trainers training and get my girl ! it was a long but wonderful day ! after a wonderful training with Pres B and the assistants .. my girl johnson and i headed back to the APL and went straight to work .. no time to even unpack !

we met with PANG KOU and watched Legacy and talked about the pioneers faith and look at the church NOW ~ she had tears in her eye when she bore to us her testimony of the gospel.

then we had a branch coordination meeting with GARY LEDOUX and the faith and excitement s. johnson brings is exactly what the Winnebago YSA's need ! it was a LONG but very productive day !

the best part of the week was DEF General Conference and inviting all to hear the prophets voice !

we had a little YSA get together with with GB YSA and JEREMIAH JAMES came ! D. Todd Christoferson spoke specifically to Jeremiah ! it was wonderful ! it was also fun b.c. my s.black and s.johnson got to meet ! s.black now has a sister in the mission and they LOVE eachother !

sunday sessions were also TOPS ! after the sessions we went to POOH SAANS .. a hmong resturant that PANG KUO's brother SEETHONG owns ! we attended SEETHONG and MAI CHOU's baby shower ! it was wonderful .. they joined the church a little over 1 year ago and they are amazing ! we had the best hmong food .. i on accident [i thought it was the sweet and sour sauce !] ate the WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER SAUCE ! the hmong elders said i took it like a man .. after my face went SUPER RED ! it was funny .. but good times .. i bet my papa would be proud ! haha

life is amazing ! i love being a missionary .. i am realizing how much the Lord helps us grow in ways we didnt even think we could !


oh and transfers brought a lot of changes but good ones .. our new APL Zone Leaders are e. pulley [he has always been ! but new new is e. heslop ! its great !

i love you all and am truly grateful for this opportunity and all your support !
sister warner

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  1. seriously you amaze me daily.
    love you long time.

    tu' mama