April 20, 2009

small & simple .. [04.20.09]

Alma 37:6-7
"Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."
"And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls."

this week was amazing ! the Lord really works in small and simple means to bring about great experiences ! i know it requires our faith though b.c FAITH PRECEDES MIRACLES ! my faith has been strengthened in all aspects of the gospel.


* FHE = lesson on faith and trust in the Lord by doing the trust fall and the scriptures ! we then had an INTENSE game of pictionary. i didnt know pictionary could be so competitive [i would think it would be if p. hailey hood was there but she was nowhere to be found in Oshkosh :)] get a couple YSA together and draw Disney topics and it gets crazy !

* teaching ALEX PINGEL with President Barrett ! Alex is brandy [one of our amazing YSA's brother] from Chilton and he is amazing ! President B always knows exactly what to say, he is so in tune with the spirit. i love President B !

* institute in Oshkosh and Culver's Custard after with all our YSA is a weekly treat !

* having a SWEET lesson with our NEW INVESTIGATOR BRITTNIE ! the ZL's talked with her @ The Building For Kids [a children's art museum we do service at] and she said she wanted to learn more ! we taught her about the BofM this week and she loved it ! we are seeing her this week again. she is 20 and is going to school at Fox Valley Tech ! she is great !

* the weather last week warmed up into the 70's ! [ now its rainy and chilly :( ] but the 70's was GLORIOUS ! so we played a little disc golf with GEORGE [our investigator] and SAM BRUMMOND [a YSA who is from WI but moved to SLC and is back visiting .. she is the best little missionary !] disc golf and a lesson with george was so good !

* dinner with MISSY BLOOM ! we prepped her for her baptismal interview that was going to take place the next day and we talked with her about the HOLY GHOST .. what an amazing gift that is. her baptismal interview went amazing and she is GOLDEN ! she is getting BAPTIZED ON APRIL 25, 2009 @ 3pm in GREEN BAY ! i love her. she loves this gospel and the light of Christ radiates from her. sister v.j. and i made her a little scripture a day that she can open to help her during this week before her baptism. i love the scriptures. the principles are eternal and Missy has found that !

* FRIDAY NIGHT VOLLEYBALL = AMAZING !!! we had 3 non members there and the game was SO fun and the BEST EXPERIENCE HAPPENED AFTER ..

ALEX PINGEL. he likes to know EVERYTHING ! he asks tons and tons of questions. President B told him to pray about the BofM with a sincere heart. he told me after volleyball he KNEW the BofM was a TRUE BOOK ! that was amazing. we started talking of FAITH and he is scared of faith. he told me he wanted the LITTLEST SIGN that this was all true. i recounted with him some of the little answers to that prayer that i have been present for. we didnt recognize them fully as signs. we started playing HORSE and talking of faith and signs. i then told him, "i have faith that you will make the next shot." alex starts backing up past half court .. he shoots and it SWISHES in the net. he told me the next day that he aimed way to the left on purpose and it still swished. after the ball swished in the net we both just looked at each other and i told him, "well the Lord just answered your prayer." all he could say was, "that was odd."

the Lord works by small and simple means to bring salvation unto His children ! we are going to extend a baptismal date to him this week .. he is AWESOME. he came to church and loved it. he isnt asking tons and tons of questions anymore. he is feeling the spirit work in him and his faith is growing ! the Lord is blessing him. we also watched THE TESTAMENTS with him the night after the basketball hoop answer and it is all about faith and it was so good.

i love meeting people and knowing the Lord sent me here to the WMM to teach ALEX PINGEL and so many other people i have met. IT IS AMAZING !

* WINNEBAGO YSA BRANCH = GLORIOUS ! we had abuot 40 people @ church. it was a beautiful sea of YSA !

* going to hear BROOKE & BRADY POPPINGA speak about Dating and Relationships ! we were there to support our YSA, we did not come for the advice ! haha

* spending the night with my GREEN BAY SISTERS ! being back at my ye olde pheasant run was odd but SO good. we spent the night b.c. of the Poppinga fireside and today is pday and tonight is COMBINED FHE here in the GB ! i heart gb. i heart ysa. i heart winnebago.

we have been blessed this week and i am so thankful for my Heavenly Father who watches over me and knows me. i love knowing this is His church and this is His work. i love being His instrument and i am so grateful for Him increasing my faith everyday.

one hard part of this week was getting a phone call from President Barrett on 04.16 letting me know my marmie called my mission to inform me my grandpa alley passed aways. when he told me of the news i was just quite. it brought me back to the reality that life is still happening back at home. it also made me realize how very real and important the message of the plan of salvation is that i am teaching to these wisconsinites. i am so grateful for my family and that it can and is eternal. i am grateful my grandpa is learning beyond the veil. i am grateful i can help othere find this plan of happines. my heart and prayers go to my grandma jane and my family. i love you all so dearly.

thank you all for everything you have done and are now doing so i can be here in wisconsin.

sister warner

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