March 09, 2009

the Lord's work ! [03.09.09]

we had a miracle this week ! this truly is the Lord's work. His hand is in all things and it amazes me everyday.

ETHER 12:16
"Yea, and even all they who wrought miracles wrought them by faith, even those who were before Christ and also those who were after."

the miracle we were able to be a part of was THE DOORS TO UWO OPENING ! last week we felt so defeated .. we had no one .. nothing to go off of and now we have the faculty/staff and the students to set up and LDSSA and get on campus ! we will find new investigators to come to the knowledge of the fullness of the truth ! THE LORD BLESSES US !

it was a good week here in the FOX CITIES ! [appleton, neenah & oshkosh]

we had FHE at becky andersons home and we made missionary preparedness kits ! miss katie klemp [a recent convert] brought katie hiles and she asked us that night if we could come and teach her more .. she is finally ready ! she had been challenged by a couple sisters before i came and now she is willing !

we had the opportunity to go to UWGB Soup for the Soul and GB Institute on tuesday ! i ran in and gave so many hugs to all my UWGB friends ! especially Jan Scoville .. she is the EC Director and she actually has connections to UWO .. i knew she would ! institute was so good .. i am glad to see my sister black and sister bryner keeping UWGB strong !

we had a lesson with KATIE HILES about pre earth life .. we based our lesson off of the primary song .. "i lived in heaven" it went really well .. SARAH YANEZ came with .. she is the best branch missionary ! she bore her beautiful testimony oh how knowing pre earth life helps her make decisions now ! she is great ! katie hiles enjoyed it and did the questions on the Restoration Pamphlet without us even saying anything !

PANG KU YANG ! she is a recent convert as well and she is amazing ! we teach her and she teaches us. she put off school for a little bit so she could read the scriptures more and develop her faith stronger ! she is amazing !

THURSDAY WAS OUR BIG UWO DAY ! I LOVE UWO ! we were on a panel for a religious class .. they were studying mormonism and went straight to the source ! we were only supposed to have about 1.5hours BUT we took 2.5hours ! it was amazing ! the questions that were asked were SO good and the spirit was def helping us answer ! in the class was this guy .. he kept bringing up questions to help us bear our testimony .. i knew there was something diff about him .. AFTER the panel was over he told us that he joined the church 3 years ago and that he is willing to help us ON CAMPUS ! this truly is the Lord's work !

we had INTERVIEWS this week ! oh how i love my papa barr ! he gave me great advice for this area and renewed strength and faith. i am so grateful he leads and guides this mission by direction from the Lord.

AMANDA CHRISTENSEN is amazing ! she invited 8 of the ysa over for DINNER/DESSERT and KARAOKE ! it was so much fun ! the dinner and dessert were amazing and i am all about karaoke ! we had a great evening and we ended with teaching about FAITH .. having faith is EVERYTHING .. amanda agreed and was receptive to the message !

CHURCH ! it was so good ! [BESIDE THE HUGE SNOW STORM !] all the GB YSA came down .. they brought AMY BROWN .. she showed up to church my last sunday in GB and is getting baptized on MARCH 13, 2009 ! she is amazing .. such a strong testimony of the restored gospel. she asked s.johnson and i if we would come to her baptism ! we are gonna bring some YSA support her way !

President Miller asked me to speak in the branch yesterday with about 2hours notice .. i feel like i am getting better at this talking in church thing and not being nervous ! its great ! i talked on my decision to come on a mission and how to be a missionary ! i talked about my bffl JOSE ROMO JR and how teaching him with the MONROVIA SISTERS helped me decided i wanted to serve the Lord fulltime !

i am looking forward this week to UWO and seeing the work go forward !

also i am looking forward to BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS ! i turn 24 [i know i am so old !] in 1 WEEK ! it will be so fun !

the other good news from this week is that my baby girl black got to talk to my MARMIE ! i love you marmie !

i got a wedding announcement from my former roommate GENNA ! i am so excited for you and andrew .. CONGRATULATIONS !

also by far the best thing this week from home was my sister HEATHER sending me a teddy bear ! it is a build a bear dressed like a little missionary .. i LOVE IT SO MUCH ! thank you !

this week is gonna be good. wisconsin will warm up soon ? i am not sure .. people say you know it wont snow anymore come JULY !

i love my life. i love you all. i love being a representative of jesus christ. i love seeing miracles.

sister warner

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