December 10, 2011

real newlyweds

we officially moved in to our apartment today!
mr barlow assembled our king size bed, ya you read that right, we invested in a king. i went to target and got us some food and necessities like a shower curtain.
we then celebrated by crackin' a bottle, as Eminem would say.


  1. Congrats - we will miss you here in the California sunshine though!!

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  3. Yahoo! We can't wait to play at eachother's apartments! We are right by the Provo Library. How about you guys? It's a little crazy for us right now with finals, and we go home to Missouri on Friday, but we'll be back in the 3rd and ready to par-tay!!!!!
    ps-sorry I always sign in with my old google account and forget to switch over..that's why I delete all my comments :)

  4. i miss the california sunshine!

    WHIT! i cant wait to play! we are over by IHC. when team lawter returns to utah valley we are parTAYing! manly drinkin DC and dancin to DJ barlows mix in our apartment.