October 12, 2009

THE BOOK OF MORMON ! [10.12.09]


i cant get over how powerful Elder Jeffrey R. Hollands talk on the book of mormon was ! [Safety for the Soul] i have thought a lot more about the book of mormon this week and what it truly means. the book of mormon are the words of Christ. i know this b.c. i have asked and received a confirmation that the words teach us how to do good ! that is exactly what the Savior taught us isnt it ? the book of mormon goes in depth about how to follow in His path and i know if we were all to follow in His path and continue to strive in Christlike attributes we would all be happier, healthier and better people !

2 Nephi 33:10
"And now, my beloved brethren, and also Jew, and all ye ends of the earth, hearken unto these words and believe in Christ; and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ. And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that they should do good."

i love being a representative of Jesus Christ here in Wisconsin because this is what i get to do each and everyday and it brings me the greatest fullfilment and joy ..

2 Nephi 25:26
"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."

this is the greatest work of all time .. TO INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST !

this week was a good one .. it could have been better but i was sick and my mind was fuzzy for a couple of days straight. i finally forced myself to take some nyquil and just sleep. s. pluim and i planned it out on 10.07 that when we got home i would go straight to sleep and then just sleep in the morning till i wake up [nyquil makes me the drosiest person ever ! i cant function early in the morning !] s. pluim had lots of study and working on the area book time and i woke up at about 9am and felt SO much better ! it was amazing ! i could actually think straight and life was good ! sleep is a miracle sometimes ! so now this week i feel great and am ready to work hard !

[sidenote about the GREEN BAY PACKERS this last week ! they played the MINNESOTA VIKINGS .. biggest rivals and the state was pretty crazy about it ! especially b.c. FAVRE is on the vikings now ! in WI you either are a PACKERS FAN OR A FAVRE FAN ! its insane all the talk about it that week ! sad to say that my packers lost though !]

we are working a lot with the MENTERS ! KAYLA is so wonderful. i love teaching her. she is so simple and so humble. she is very shy but she is coming around. sami and zak are doing good. we have lots to work on this week to really see where they are at and there desires.

ANGIE has such a solid testimony ! she has truly found her way back home ! we are continuing to teach her and she gets very happy when she feels the spirit ! her work schedule is kinda crazy so we are trying to see her at every opprotunity we can !

WE FOUND SERVICE ! we went with the Muskego Elders [e.vogan & e.stevens] to the New Berlin Food Pantry and they were SO EXCITED to have SISTERS come ! i guess sisters use to volunteer there years ago and they just love sisters ! [sorry elders !] it was a really good time and very fun ! i love doing service and this is the first one we got in this area !

we have institute on campus now ! we are trying to get more people there now ! s.pluim and i did have an interesting run in with RJ & AJ at UWM campus .. we were just walking down some steps and these 2 guys [lookin like they were going clubbin] just say to us "what are you doing on thursday night ?" we both turn around and i look at them and say, "we are representatives of Jesus Christ." i was a little out of it b.c. i was sick and on medicine but it was quite amussing to see there reaction. for a moment i felt as if they were mocking our standards b.c. we were teaching about the word of wisdom and such but we left them with a pass along card and our testimonies. s. pluim and i just laughed and thought, "who are you ? and maybe you should practice better pick up lines." at least i didnt say i was a nun this time !

JESSICA PACK .. now THIMMESCH joined the church exactly 1 year ago and just got married in the temple ! jessica and eli are so amazing ! we are going to start working with jessicas mom more ! 3 RM from this area came back for it as well and that was really cool !

the weather sure has changed to VERY COLD ! we need to get sister pluim a coat ! the poor girl ! besides the weather changing the work is constintly changing and getting better ! i love this gospel ! i love s. pluims sweetness and energy ! life is good ! WISCONSIN IS THE BEST !

sister warner


* KAY FIGAWHAT ! she is the best !

[if i have forgotten to mention anyones celebrated day i apologize and blame it on being a missionary. i love you all yet.]

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