February 25, 2013

welcome back/hello again/where did i go?


the last time i updated my blog was 9 months ago. [no pregnancy or baby was had]
i was extremely busy with work and wanted nothing to do with my computer when i was done for the day.
hence my blog got sorely neglected.

i was doing my editing job from home [working in your pj's is awesome, btw] but sitting at my computer for 10 hours a day = not so fun.
spending those 10 hours in Photoshop making people look completely different also was not so fun.
i never had the opportunity to do my own photography and if i did i didn't always enjoy it like i use to because of the time i had to spend editing for my job.

i sound like a downright complainer. sorry.
mr. barlow told me, "your job is sucking your soul out."
so with mr. barlow's encouragement and support i quit at the end of 2012.

at the beginning of 2013 i was unemployed and that lasted for about a week! 
[we are SO lucky that mr. barlow still has an awesome job with Imagine Learning!]

my aunt is a kindergarten teacher and has 29 kindergartners. 
they approved her for another Instructional Aide - THAT'S ME!
i work 2 hours a day in her classroom and help the ESL kids with their reading and writing. 
it really is awesome. i love to see them understand and finally get it.

now i have time to do my own photography and editing, it is so refreshing!
i have time to help teach kids.
i have time to blog, catch up with friends, have lunch dates with mr. barlow.
i have time to run. [well, once the snow goes away.]
i am one lucky lady.

[mr. barlow gets a huge thank you for his support of my crazy working hours to quitting to being unemployed and now being a really part time worker.] 
cheers to more adventures and more blogging to come!