May 31, 2007

a hard days work

waking up at 5:30am isn't fun. i should be in bed right now so i can actually wake up and be on time to fix all those many alarms across the U.S.
"thank you for calling apx alarm tech support"(imagine me sleeping in one of these many cubicles and thats my day tomorrow!)

May 28, 2007

Duffy & Tessa Olson

my beautiful and amazing roommate from spring '06, Tessa, got married to Duffy (he's pretty amazing too) this Saturday May 26th!
everything was so wonderful! Congratulations and i love you both!

(Mt. Timpanogos Temple is beautiful)

(the back of Tessa's dress is beautiful)

(the backyard reception was beautiful)

(the bride & groom are beautiful)

(Tessa is beautiful)

Did i mention Saturday was beautiful?

welcome, welcome

so after much questioning and no good answers as to why i don't have a it is!
i think it was the fact that my sister Heather started blogging that really got me thinking, "if she can do, then i can do it."
thank you Heather and to all those that questioned, heres your answers.