January 26, 2009

let the good times roll .. [01.26.09]

there is never a dull moment in the WMM .. i LOVE it.

not having pday last monday kinda threw me off .. i think i am on track now. kthxs. here we go.

Mosiah 3:18-19
"For behold he judgeth, and his judgment is just; and the infant perisheth not that dieth in his infancy; but men drink damnation to their own souls except they humble themselves and become as little children, and believe that salvation was, and is, and is to come, in and through the atoning blood of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent.
For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father."

this is our transfer scripture that we have been memorizing and our ZC was based on this scripture. s.black and i have it memorized now so that is good. my mind has been turning to this scripture a lot this past week. i feel as a missionary it is A LOT EASIER to put off the natural man and be as a little child .. relying on the Lord in EVERYTHING. but i [and all of us] need to do that ALL the time and that is MY goal .. no matter when, where, and what i am doing in my life i am going to strive with everything i can to always put off the natural man and be as a little child. it has given me a lot to think about in my life as a missionary and for my future.

we had a bible study lunch hosted by our favorite LISA ROBERTSON this week. we taught on our purpose in this life. PAULA came and was able to feel of the spirit and we had a wonderful discussion with her about this life. she is searching for something more but it is hard for her to recognize that what she needs/wants is right there in front of her. i love being able to talk about gospel principles, not only with members of other faiths but with members of our faith as well, it strengthens my testimony of the gospel and the things i do know are true. Lisa has strengthened my testimony of the gospel in so many ways, i am so grateful for her example in my life.

our DM [district meeting] was a little diff this week .. we had it while President Barrett was in our area doing interviews. e.olsen is our new DL and he is great. he is a Spanish elder and we work with them a lot so that is fun. he taught us this week about La Fe = faith. faith in the atonement, faith in Jesus Christ, faith in being instruments in the Lords work, faith in everything ! it was really good.

our interviews with PAPA BARR came after DM .. President B always gives me a renewed strength in the work. he is SO smart and the spirit of the Lord is ALWAYS abounding in him. after interviews he was going to go to appts with the Spanish elders and then also us sisters. we had about and hour till our appts so our dearest Pres B took s.black and i out to dinner. we have a fav place here in the GB called EL SARAPE. best Mexican food in the GB .. so that is where we went. Papa Barr is the sweetest man and opened both s.blacks and my doors for us to the car and we had a wonderful meal and conversation with him. he talked with us about this great work and how to work with members and having them share this life changing message with their friends. he said, "everyone is going to hear the gospel at one point in there life, so NOW IS THE TIME !" and that is SO true. we know that everyone will have the opportunity to hear of the fullness of the gospel BUT now REALLY is the time ! that evening Pres B came to the SPRY's home with us .. our appt was @ 8:30p and we did not leave the sweet Spry home till 11:15p ! haha Pres B said as we were leaving that he was going to tell our Mission President on us ! i love that man ! he also said one day he will give us sisters a daddy/daughter hug ! having him teach with us at the Spry home was very good. it was amazing to see the Spirit work through him and touch Ron and Pat. Ron is a bit of a stubborn man but he thanked us for everything we were trying to do for him to help him. it was an amazing lesson, not only for me, but for the Sprys ! i also told Papa Barr it was nice to get to steal him away from the Elders for awhile !

the YW in the GB 1st ward are amazing ! FARRAH [IRIS' daughter] came to YW/YM and she had so much fun ! we are seeing her tonight with her mom, IRIS @ noche de hogar [FHE] with the Spanish elders. the Spanish elders are teaching Iris and we are teaching Farrah .. its not that Farrah doesn't understand Spanish, she just prefers English and being in the English branch ! they are an amazing family !

on 01.22.09 @ 7am s.black, me, e.jolley, and e.oldham went back to HIGH SCHOOL ! haha we went to BAY PORT HIGH SCHOOL and helped BRANDON ROBERTSON [one of our stalwart YM missionaries] with his report on MORMONS for his multicultural lit class. his friend Chris was the one who had the idea and wanted to do Mormons as the subject. so us 4 missionaries went to high school for a blast from the past [at least for me b.c. i am SO old !] it was SO good. s.black and i taught about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon and e.jolley and e.oldham taught about missionaries and what we do. Brandon and Christ talked about interesting Mormon facts and Temples. we brought a bunch of copies of The Book of Mormon and Restoration Pamphlets and Brandon told us later that the kids actually took them ! what a great example and missionary Brandon is. he is a stud ! we also got to see CORRY that morning .. Brandon found her and told her we would be there and we wanted to say hi so we got to !

the MILLERS are great. they are members of the gb 1st ward and have the CUTEST IDENTICAL TWINS ive ever seen in my life .. KADE and KY are the funnest, they are 3years old and full of energy. we had dinner there this week and both Kade and Ky kept asking for me ! at dinner they would say, "we want to play with sister warner !" so we did ! they wanted me to help them get all cleaned up after dinner and we played a little football in the living room. Ashli is so great, she is in the YW as her calling so we get to work with her a lot .. they are gonna be perfect friends with the STRUCKS from Sturgeon Bay .. in fact they are having a play date later this week !

UWGB has OFFICIALLY started back. its nice to see people on campus again ! tomorrow starts Soup4Soul and we get to be back in action with the college crowd. INSTITUTE starts tomorrow night and we are gonna get people there ! we are doing MORMON MYTHBUSTERS this semester b.c. it got cancelled due to weather last .. its gonna happen on FEBRUARY 10th .. i am SO excited ! the LDS Church is also sponsoring Soup4Soul this semester on March 3rd ! so MUCH is happening and gonna happen !

this is the BEST news of the week. RICK ALCORTA joined the church 10years ago in the navy .. he just recently started coming back to church about 4months ago .. he had the elders start teaching his 10year old daughter VANESSA .. she has no knowledge of God, Jesus Christ or religion in general. they have made some breakthroughs with her .. they taught her to pray and have had amazing spiritual experiences. i have always asked about Vanessa b.c. she is exactly the same age when elders started teaching me about the gospel. so i have always been interested in her progression and really i have wanted to teach her and get to know her better .. well the Lord blesses us ! the elders turned sweet Vanessa over to us b.c. of being sisters and she is already really intimidated by her father so imagine a little 10year old with her father and 2 elders teaching her .. a little overwhelming .. SO we prepared a really fun object lesson for her on 01.23.09 and it went AMAZING ! it was about the Plan of Salvation and mostly about our time on earth and the Holy Ghost to lead us and guide us .. she understood it and was more open and comfortable ! i am so grateful i have this opportunity to teach Vanessa with s.black .. the connection we have made with her is incredible .. we played a game with her and the Robertson girls after and were able to bond with her .. she ran up to us and gave us hugs before we left ! i love being a missionary.

on 01.24.09 we had a craft day with MOLLY SUMMERS [YW President], and JRIB and JEANNIE RIBBENS ! it was so fun .. we made button magnets and embroider sweaters .. i made prob around 40 button magnets ! i love it. i love crafts !

we had a FUN FUN FUN game night that eve @ the YOUNGS home. we had SO many people come. CORRY, BRANDON ROBERTSON, HEATHER MILLETT, JEFF [heather milletts really good friend], DIANTHA ANDRUS, ERIC TORBENSON, YASMIN, & MIKEY [yasmins bf] .. we had a full house ! we played taboo and then we talked a little about how to be happy in this life .. please read MOSIAH 2:41 for instructions ! that is my homework to you all :)

we had Ward Conference yesterday and that was amazing ! Sunday is so uplifting .. being able to partake of the sacrament and renew our baptismal convenants is such a blessing.

this week is gonna be another fun one ! we are still living in the FROZEN COLD ARTIC TUNDRA .. i had a dream the other night that Green Bay was GREEN AGAIN .. i woke up and it was DEF STILL WHITE. someday i will be warm. someday i will see the grass. for now i will be happy the sun is at least shining !

this is PROB the most important part of this email :


[todd is president barretts 18year old son, with the help of the assistants they have given us these 3 rules of life, live by them !]

sister warner

January 23, 2009

BEST WEEK EVER ! [01.20.09]

really it has been. this is how is went ! [btw .. sorry we did not email yesterday but it was MLK Jr day and everywhere was closed .. also today is Obama's inauguration .. right ?]

on January 12, 2009 .. CORRINE GRACE SCHRAP entered the waters of baptism ! e.hawkes .. one of my very 1st ZL's performed the baptism ! it was a beautiful program .. all of Corry's family that she invited came ! her mother, her brothers, even her grandparents and aunt from Wauwatosa [down by Milwaukee] .. they enjoyed and supported Corry with all their hearts .. her grandpa was even brought to tears during the program [we gave him the elders # down in Wauwatosa and he said he is gonna do some "investigating" about the church] ! the YW bore there testimonies on how the gospel of Jesus Christ has improved their life and how blessed they were to get to know and be friends with sweet Corry ! it was an AMAZING night. Corry has been an answer to my prayers and has taught me so much, her strength and knowledge is amazing. she was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on January 18, 2009 by Brother Paul Robertson [our WML] the blessing he gave her was so beautiful and inspired. RIGHT AFTER she was confirmed a member of the church she gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about the Book of Mormon ! it was AMAZING ! it brought me to tears but that is usually Corry's affect on me ! she spoke with the WHOLE Bishopric of the Green Bay 1st Ward and every single person referred back to Corry's talk .. seriously it was SO good. Corry is so amazing .. i cant explain just right how great she is ! we have also had really good talks with her brother JOHN about the gospel and Corry's example to him ! Corry is such a blessing to her family and will be to so many because her eyes radiate the light of Christ.

on 01.13.09 we had an amazing ZONE CONFERENCE .. all about faith in Jesus Christ .. it was just what i needed to start this transfer off right .. our spirits were fed by our wonderful President and Sister Barrett, President Jensen, The Assistants, and our Zone Leaders. i really love zone conference .. it is so fun getting to see other missionaries and exchange stories about areas but the training is def always needed and so helpful. this zone conference was with the Wausau Zone and us .. the Green Bay Zone .. we got to spend time with 3 other sisters in the mission, s.hamblin, s.bryner, & s.bishop .. they are all so great and its SO fun being SISTERS !

we had a wonderful dinner that night with the SPRY family .. RON SPRY is a convert and was active for 12years .. he hasn't been to church in over 20years and is now remarried to PAT SPRY who is an ex-nun and is very involved with the Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church. we talked to Ron a lot about faith and testimony .. that is what we are working on for him .. Pat is just so sweet and open and her faith in God is very strong. we invited both of them to come to Sacrament Meeting on 01.18.09 and Pat invited us to her Catholic Mass on that day as well .. SO we went to a Catholic Mass in the morning on 01.18.09 and it was very interesting .. the building was beautiful and it was different but a very good experience. Pat came WITHOUT Ron to Sacrament that afternoon and she said it was different but very good. it was SO good for Pat to be at Sacrament also b.c. ALL the talks were on THE BOOK OF MORMON ! it was really really good and the spirit was SO STRONG. i told her, "now you get to go home and tell Ron all that you learned !" she wants him so badly to find faith .. she thanked us for helping him and her .. it was also her first time coming to a Mormon Service !

VOLLEYBALL was so good this week .. i LOVE playing [just to brag for a sec .. i was serving and got 8 points in row .. i didn't know i served hard but the women asked me why i was taking my aggression out on them !] .. even more though i LOVE sharing the truths i know to be true with the women that come ! MARY is a regular @ vball and actually goes to church with the HUNTLEY family @ First United Methodist .. so that is a great connection and we had a wonderful talk about the gospel !

i LOVE so much our dear CARALYNN and JENI RIBBENS who come out on exchanges with us .. their willingness to come and be missionaries with us is beyond appreciated .. i love them .. and we always have funny stories to tell afterward ! my dearest jrib went with s.black who is still new to the area and despite jrib growing up and living her whole life in the GB she is very directionally challenged .. now i was with caralynn who knows directions and how to get around the GB so i should have given my baby girl black my GPS ["Paulette" is her name and i am so grateful i have her :)] but i forgot SO jrib and s.black got LOST pretty much the whole afternoon .. s.black called so many people for directions .. when she was telling me about it all i could do was laugh .. oh how i love her .. she even called e.pulley who is now in Appleton b.c. he knows GB like the back of his hand ! oh it was a grand time !

while i was with caralynn .. we delivered a bofm and bible to LINDA .. she was ever so grateful and really interested in the bofm as well ! me and caralynn were SO excited ! how amazing the bofm really is .. how it can change our lives .. how it is really true .. i am so grateful to know these truths !

i LOVE the YW .. they are so good about inviting their friends to come and participate in activities and feel of the spirit that abounds in them !

we are getting everything organized and planned out for UWGB .. the semester and institute starts NEXT WEEK ! i am so excited for the activities and progress that is gonna happen ! on

01.15 & 01.16 we hit records of -40 with windchill ! s.black and i put on 3 or 4 long sleeve shirts .. 2 pairs of tights and thermal bottoms and about 3 pairs of socks .. in our minds WE BOTH thought once we breathed the air outside we would literally be on the ground DEAD .. haha .. we SURVIVED .. it actually wasn't that bad .. you just get colder faster but we had appointments and places to go to so we just went from car to house .. house to car .. needless to say we were a bit scared BUT because of that we were PREPARED !

STURGEON BAY ! STURGEON BAY ! STURGEON BAY ! oh how i love that little peninsula of Wisconsin. we have SO much to do there ! its so hard to split our time up between areas .. BUT we got to do it .. we had great visits with KIM STRUCK and TOM KRUCK and CAREY OTTO and the rest of the STRUCK family @ CULVERS .. oh how my love of CUSTARD grows more each day !

we had 4 non members come to church on Sunday 01.18.09 .. Corry's mom and brother, john .. pat spry and FARRAH ! FARRAH is 14 and was introduced to the church through a member in the GB 2nd ward .. her mom is IRIS, she is PERUVIAN and she is investigating the Spanish branch but Farrah her daughter feels more comfortable in the English ward so we are working together with the Spanish elders for both of their progression. the Spanish elders told us that she cooks amazing Peruvian food so i am down to go visit her casa ! haha

my baby girl black got sick on sunday during church .. she had to lay on the couch at our dinner appt and i took her straight home afterwards and she went to bed .. it was just a 24hour thing b.c. yesterday she woke up and felt a lot better and was really hungry so i made us some scrambled eggs for breakfast !

YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST .. it was Martin Luther King Jr Day and here in Wisconsin the kids DO NOT get the day off .. that was weird for me b.c. we always got the day off in SoCal BUT the point is that DIANE's church was having a HUGE CELEBRATION and she invited us to come .. [so in 1week s.black and i went to a Catholic Mass and a Pentecostal Church and YES we are still very much MORMONS !] it was the coolest thing ever .. they did have JAMES JONES .. wide receiver for the GB Packers come and speak .. they had tons of music and one man read MLK's "I have a Dream" speech .. it was pretty amazing. Diane is going to come to the Mormon Church this coming week ! she is doing better on the quitting smoking .. she just needs to quit ALL the way.

we spent some time at the RIBBENS yesterday playing some games and of course getting CUSTARD @ CULVERS ! later we had a wonderful FHE with Corry and the Carlsruh .. oh how i love being a missionary and the gospel of Jesus Christ changing peoples lives.

this week is another GREAT WEEK ahead of us .. lots to do .. lots to be grateful for .. i love love my life.

thank you for everything !
.. love to all ..
.sister warner.

January 12, 2009

let us be faithful .. [01.12.09]

1 Nephi 7:12
"Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him."

this work is guided and directed by the Lord .. ALL things are done in His will, time and according to our faith. that truth becomes stronger to me each week i am a missionary. as we are faithful the fruits of our labors are seen. CORRY's baptismal interview last Monday night went wonderful. she passed the qualifications for baptism with flying colors ! HER BAPTISM IS TONIGHT ! she is SO excited. after her interview last week i asked her, "how did you come the know what we have taught you is true ?" her answer was, "i know its true because i haven't given up on it." it brought tears to my eyes. being a part of Corry's journey to know the gospel of Jesus Christ is in its fullness and that it is true has been such an example of faith and strength to me. she is an amazing girl ! we are SO excited for TONIGHT .. that's for sure !

we reconnected with RACHEL this week. she was a referral from brother Torbenson in our ward. he got a hair cut from her awhile back and she is interested in learning more about the Mormon faith and we are more then willing to teach her !

district meetings each week are so uplifting and helpful ! i love it. this week we each taught a principle of The Restoration and it was great to get new insights on teaching from each of the elders and sisters.

in other news about transfers .. the TRIO of sisters is in ADAMS FRIENDSHIP .. NOT here in the GB ! we will get to see that trio of sisters tomorrow at Zone Conference so that will be exciting ! i love life with my baby girl black here in the GB !

my baby girl black is now my HMONG SISTER ! she got named my YING MUAS .. her name is PAJ DAWB = white flower. i am still obsessed with my Hmong name it is .. NKAUJ HLIS = beautiful moon .. [ speaking of the moon .. hasn't it been AMAZING the past two nights ? if anyone knows me they know of my obsession with the moon & the night sky .. i love it .. its SO beautiful ! ] i love ying muas.. she is our Hmong mommy !

the RIBBENS are so welcoming of us into their home. the elders and us made dinner with the WHOLE family this week and talked about gospel principles and their son/brother who is on a mission in Montana. they are such an amazing family. the relationship we have built with them is strong and growing and helping them come back to the gospel.

volleyball is continuing to prove fruitful, not only in my playing skills BUT our discussions and relationships with the women. we are becoming bolder with them and we need to continue too !

we had and amazing lesson with DIANE ANTHONY this week .. we taught her more about the plan of salvation and about the pre existence and how she and all of us lived with Heavenly Father before coming to this earth. she really enjoyed it and said it made sense. the spirit was so strong. we also got on the topic of smoking and found out that she does smoke but she has been trying to stop for years. we explained to her, like 1 nephi 7:12 says that we can do all things within our faith and with the Lords help, we committed her to cut down from the four she was having a day to just having 2 .. we are checking up with her each day and she so far is doing good !

Thursday was TRANSFERS ! e. pulley is now a ZL in APPLETON and e.oldham is the new ZL up here with e.jolley. e.oldham was assistant to the president for the last 7.5months so he just came up from Milwaukee ! he is from SPANISH FORK, UTAH so that makes him pretty cool !

we finally got to MILDRED O'LEARY [ MILLIE ] house ! she has been a referral from months and just hasn't had the time to meet with us. we delivered her DVD Lamb of God and she loved having us and the little we taught her. she wants to come to church next week !

we had another lesson with the TRUJILLO'S .. we taught about faith and as far as i could understand it went really well. we go with our WML .. Brother Robertson b.c. he speaks Spanish and knows the daughters so s.black will translate parts for me and i love it ! i have been able to pick up on more words and that's good ! i love that family. the two youngest daughters are five and three and they always draw me the best pictures and squiggles of colors !

UWGB starts in TWO WEEKS ! i am SO stocked. we are planning so many good things for this next semester .. i can't wait !

we have been visiting a lot of former investigators and from that we have found new potential investigators b.c. the formers have moved. the Lord blesses us !

i've been able to have answers to a lot of prayers and thoughts this week. the questions, doubts, fears, and inadequacy i have been experiencing have been answered through other prayers, teaching and bearing testimony of why i am here in Wisconsin. i know the Lord guides and directs me in spreading His gospel to the Wisconsinites. i know what i am teaching are true and correct principles. i am grateful for that knowledge. this is an amazing opportunity, blessing and experience that i have been given by the Lord and i am truly grateful and forever will be for ALL the help i receive from my family and friends. thank you.

another amazing experience this week will be the weather. the rumors are record lows of -50 with the windchill .. WOW .. we will keep you posted on our survival !

i love you all.
sister warner

[ btw .. i am going to have my family start posting my weekly email on my blog .. got the idea from my baby girl black ! so check it out on : http://m-elizabeth5.blogspot.com/ ]

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! [01.05.09]

its a new year .. 2009 !!!

starting a new year on a mission has made me realize a lot of things that i want to work on and be better at ! i have learned to love, like never before, GOAL SETTING ! it gives you something to strive for and work on and once you accomplish that goal you feel so good and you know can go beyond that b.c. you have already achieved it ! i love it.

this week green bay has turned into the ARTIC TUNDRA ! no joke. the roads are like ice skating rinks .. the trees are covered in a layer of ice .. the SNOW is NOT snow anymore .. its frozen ice. lets just say its very interesting .. we slip and slide A LOT but we def are being SAFE [i promise you marmie !]

CORRY's baptism is in ONE WEEK .. next monday eve she will enter the waters of baptism ! she is so excited .. nervous and excited .. she has the baptismal interview tonight with our DL e.morgan so that will be good. we had a lesson with her this week about this time on earth and now that she knows the gospel of Jesus Christ she gets to SHARE with others how it is true and will bless others lives. we committed her to pray for missionary opportunities and her baptism is already a HUGE one b.c. she invited ALL her family to come ! she is amazing !

one of my favs .. joselyn robertson [she is the oldest daugther of our WML] turned 16 ! she has been SO excited ! the dating age. so like the funny person i am we went over on new years eve morning to give her, her sweet sixteen present of chapstick and a pack of gum .. love the sister missionaries ! joselyn just laughed and her mom enjoyed it as well ! we like to think we are funny !

our NEW YEARS EVE 2008 was spent at the home of Bishop and Sister Huzzey .. we enjoyed a night of food, fun, laughter, card games, and of course EATING CONTESTS ! e.jolley still holds the winning record and i hold second place and bishop .. well he still comes in third ! one day i will beat e.jolley ! its my goal ! it was def diff to be on a mission and have new years .. my thoughts turned to my home of LA, my sisters and i, the rose parade and of course my marmies 7 layer dip !

i LOVE the RIBBENS family. they are amazing .. i will write more later on that subject. i am running out of TIME !

we spent the day in STURGEON BAY on saturday .. it was SO much fun and taught SO many wonderful people about the gospel .. we also went WAY out into the orchards and abandon barns of sturgeon bay for a media referral .. it was a BIT scary needless to say .. we called the ZL's to let them know what was up and that if we didnt call them back in 15mins to come and find us .. s.black and i are scarred little girls and we know how to freak ourselves out ! we were fine but we def got ourselves worked up !

we had another amazing lesson with DIANE ANTHONY .. sister doucette had us and her over for dinner and they found out they had a lot in common ! we taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation. i asked her "where did you think you were before this life ?" and she said that is something she had been wondering for a long time ! i am so grateful for the knowledge and testimony i was able to share with her about us all living with our Heavenly Father before we came to this earth. we are meeting with Diane this week and we are so excited to continue to teach her !

church this year is now at 1p .. that is quite the adjustment but it was good .. a lot of people who havent come in a while came b.c. the time change and it was so good to see there faces ! i love being a missionary !

this is the other big news of the week ! its TRANSFERS ! i am staying here in GB with my baby BUT a set of sisters in the mission have to go to a trio b.c. one sister is going home and NO sisters are coming out .. where will the 3rd sister go .. WE DONT KNOW .. but she could come here to GB .. we will find out tuesday eve ! the saddest news is that e.pulley is LEAVING .. he has been my 1st ZL that has been the same from the beginning ! we are sad that he is leaving this area but we are friends and will continue to be so ! haha

right now one of our goals this week is FINDING. WE NEED TO FIND. we are trying to FIND. we are using every effort to FIND. we have FAITH we will find those prepared here in GB .. pray for us !

send your love to me here in the GB :

sister warner
2970 mossy oak circle #85
green bay, wi 54311

I LOVE GETTING MAIL ! i love you all and thank you for your support and love.
sister warner

life is wonderful ! [12.29.08]

i know i say this A LOT but i love my life ! really.
btw .. Green Bay has BROKEN RECORDS .. there hasnt been this much SNOW or this COLD since 1887 ! welcome to wisconsin sister warner !
i didnt know what to expect or how to feel about this being my FIRST Christmas away from home BUT it was one of the BEST days on my mission !
being a missionary during this holiday season has been amazing. being able to share with people the true meaning of Christmas has been indescribable. peoples hearts have been more open and accepting of our converstations and invitations to learn more about Christ.
the highlight of my Christmas day DEF was talking to my family ! it was the BEST ! s.black called her family first in the morning and she was crying with joy .. i, of course, being the nicest companion was making fun of her for crying and then i get on the phone with MY family and the tears started flowing for me and then SHE was laughing at me ! haha what got me really crying like a baby was when my little sister omi got on the phone and said, in her sweet little voice, "hello my momo, i miss you." i hardly could contain my emotions ! it was the BEST day ever. hearing the voice of my marmie and sisters and my papa and my sarai .. oh it was amazing !
that day was also the BEST b.c. we went and visited SO MANY people .. we made over 200 sugar cookies with e. jolley & e. pulley to give to our investigators/formers/less actives while we caroled to them ! it was SO fun ! i love the GB area .. i love the people .. i love everything !
so much more happened this week but time is short today .. also i have come to the conclusion that running in the snow in -25degree weather REALLY is a BAD idea. i have def been paying for it since .. being sick is NOT good as a missionary ! i am taking medicine and LOTS of vitamin C ! haha
on saturday night there was a YSA activity @ the home of the Carlsruh .. we invited Corry .. she came and it was wonderful for her to be there .. we ALSO invited YASMIN .. the elders investigator that the sisters, us, were able to meet this week. she said she would come .. we were supposed to go to something with her and her mom earlier that eve but it didnt work out and yasmin was not with her mom so we asked her mom if we could "kidnap" her and take her to this activity and her mom said OKAY ! her mom said she was just at their house. so all 4 of us missionaries go to Yasmins house .. we ring and ring the door buzzer .. NO ANSWER .. we call and call like 500 times .. NO ANSWER .. we go sit in our cars and we were just thinking about what to do .. so we decide to wait a little bit longer .. then we decide to pray .. e. jolley gave one of the most humbling prayers .. we were not going to leave without Yasmin .. we all had faith that she would come .. we wait about 5 more mintues and then we call .. SHE ANSWERS !!! SHE WAS HOME !!! she came to the YSA activity and loved it ! THE LORD BLESSES US !
another experience that brought tears to my eyes this week was last night .. we have been volunteering for the Green Bay Botanical Gardens for the past month every weekend to help with the garden of lights .. they also have musical entertainment while people are walking inside the building .. SO of course we asked if we could be the musical entertainment one night .. last night we got about 10 missionaries, 6 YSA and our Corry to come sing carols for people ! while we were there we also just started singing songs out of the hymn book .. as we started singing "How Great Thou Art" we looked out into the crowd of onlookers and they were SINGING with US ! it was amazing .. it brought tears to our eyes .. everyone thanked us for the spirit they felt and we all thanked the Lord for the opprotunity we had received to give of ourselves.
my life is the best. seriously. more next week.
sister warner

'tis the season ! [12.22.08]

Merry Christmas !

Luke 2:10-14
"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

it is an amazing blessing to be a missionary at this time of year. being able to share the message of Jesus Christ and have people be more open and receptive to the Spirit is beautiful. it is because 'tis the season !

this season not only brings great JOY but it also brings ALOT of SNOW ! Wisconsin is BREAKING RECORDS. they have never had this MUCH SNOW and its never been this COLD this early in December. welcome to Wisconsin Sister Warner .. that's what everyone tells me ! it truly is beautiful to LOOK at .. just not be in !

yesterday was an interesting Sabbath day. our ZL's and us went out and shoveled investigators/less actives walks/driveways at 7am ! we wanted to make sure they could come to church ! as we finished the driveway of the Trujillo family we got in our cars to go to the next house .. just as we left we get a call from Bishop Huzzey telling us church had been CANCELLED .. the temperature outside was -25degrees and the roads weren't plowed ! well that DIDN'T stop the missionaries .. we continued to shovel a few more walks/driveways and then went to our WML house [Robertson's] for some breakfast ! brother Robertson [wml - ward mission leader] got permission from Bishop Huzzey to hold a Sacrament Meeting in the Robertson home. it was so powerful and humbling. we had a mini lesson on the Christmas spirit and then our ZL's blessed and passed the Sacrament to the 15 of us that were present. being able to partake of the Sacrament in the Robertson home reminded me of how IMPORTANT the Sacrament really is. i also loved being directly blessed from the priesthood holders that were able to perform the ordinance with the correct authority. after the Sacrament we all went around and bore our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ .. brother robertson said it best when he said "its the glue that binds us all together and it is everlasting happiness." i agree .. 100%

we also had a fun time at the robertsons doing our own type of POLAR PLUNGE ! [marmie dont get mad @ me ! i didnt get frostbite !] we all [except s.black and s. robertson] ran outside BAREFOOT in the backyard .. we went out the back door around the shed and back ! the snow came over the top of my knees and my feet were insanely NUMB .. it was SO fun though ! of course we didnt learn the first time around so we did it a SECOND time but this time we went out the front door .. hopped the fence to the backyard around the shed and in the back door .. OH MY .. i should have learned the FIRST time .. haha .. it was great fun for us all and none of us have frostbite ! did i mention is was -25degrees outside !

i also got STUCK for the first time in the snow .. luckily it was AT the robertsons and the ZL's had to shovel the malibu out !

yesterday was a great way to end another wonderful week of missionary work !
we had a night with corry, the adrus twins and sister carlruh to make their famous christmas cookies and enjoy this holiday season. CORRY is doing amazing .. we are in the process of planning her baptism .. she is still nervous but so excited ! those cookies turned out pretty good too !

we did a service for the salvation army where we helped them pick out toys for their families from the salvation army, we got to talk to a lot of people ! when we were doing this service my mind kept turning to what Christmas is really about .. its not about the toys of presents .. its about the love and service we do for others .. that is why i love being a missionary !

i also want everyone to know .. i can shovel snow in a skirt ! its quite an attempt but i can def do it ! we helped out the Ribbens family by shoveling their HUGE driveway .. poor joey was doing it all on his own on his birthday .. s.black and i showed up at the right time to help him out ! joey also had the amazing idea to do the neighbors walk too .. as we were in the process of doing the neighbors they came home and we were able to talk to TODD about being a missionary and the Gospel ! i love the Ribbens family .. Jeni is still recovering from the accident .. her leg is still insanely bruised and she has to wait till her patella heals to have surgery on her ACL .. BUT she is so ever happy and so positive !

we had a lesson with some women in the GB1st ward and we read this short book by Thomas S. Monson "In Search of the Christmas Spirit" its a wonderful book and in it he quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson "rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. the only gift is a portion of thyself." i love this quote !

we had an amazing lesson with the TRUJILLO family on Christ coming to the Americas .. it was powerful. the girls had really good questions and you can tell they are searching and enjoying what we are teaching them. brother robertson came with us and the robertson family is actually doing the 12days of Christmas to them and s.black and i had to run and ding dong ditch them the other night with a bag of oranges. it was fun !

we had a night at the HUNTLEY home .. jacob was home for the holidays so i enjoyed giving him a hard time about scoring a touchdown on him at the Turkey Bowl last month ! we played catch phrase with them .. the missionaries against the huntleys and s.black gave the clue of "follow the .." and of course the ZL's and i yelled out THE PROPHET ! it was a good time had by all.

we went to visit DIANE ANTHONY and everything came crashing down on her this week .. she lost her job .. her auntie died and her housing is on the rocks .. it was really hard for her to see the good in the midst of so much trouble. we shared with her more about joseph smith and the trials he faced .. we read with her :
Doctrine & Covenants 122:7-8
"And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?"
we also shared with her :
Alma 7:11-12
"And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities."
it was amazing to see her countenance change as we read these scriptures with her .. she felt more at peace and she is going to Milwaukee and then Detroit for the holidays and she is bringing the BofM along with her !

Jed Robertson was baptized with weekend .. he turned 8 and it was amazing to see him SO excited and enthusiastic about his decision to become a member of the LDS church. my thoughts turned to my little brother SOLOMON who will get to make that decision in just a little over a year ! and how excited i am b.c. i will get to be HOME for it ! i love you sol !
CORRY also came to jeds baptism which made her a little more nervous but calm at the same time !

there is this movie that we watched yesterday called THE FOURTH WISE MAN .. find it .. i dont think its church sponsored but its about this other wise man who searches his whole life to find the Savior and as he is he is stopping along the way to help people, everyone .. who in turn make him just a second to late to find Jesus .. its when Jesus is crucified on the cross that he is finally there .. by this time the wise man is old and sick .. he dies a couple days after Jesus does and as he is dying he sees Jesus and this is what he says to him :
Matthew 25:35-40
"For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

that is what this life is about and its especially brought to my attention at this Christmas season. i am so grateful for everyone and there service and support to me. i couldnt do this without any of you. thank you.



sister warner

its bitter cold yet .. [12.16.08]

sorry no email yesterday !

we were in Sturgeon Bay & Algoma for most of our day doing some work up there .. then we spent about 2 hours at the Laundry mat b.c. we didn't do our laundry for like 3weeks ! it was fun had by all ! oh and btw its -5 degrees today. the snow piles are continuing to build here in Green Bay .. its pretty amazing ! monday 12.08 we had a storm that lasted until tuesday afternoon 12.09 .. GB got 10inches of snow ! school was cancelled for all of the GB schools .. SNOW DAY !

BUT .. we as missionaries dont get snow days ! our Mormon MythBusters @ the EC was CANCELLED due to weather .. no one could drive b.c. of the plows and amount of snow. we were very sad to have it cancelled .. it will still go on .. just now it will be NEXT semester .. the progress that is being made on UWGB is still pretty amazing .. i love it ! on tuesday 12.09 [we still drove & i was driving like 5-10mph & SO many cars were passing me .. it was kinda frustrating but the Lord protected us.]

we had a return appt with ROBERT GAY, he ordered the dvd Lamb of God & we were going to see how he enjoyed it. as he let us into his house his phone ran and you could hear the person on the other end say, " this is so&so with the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, how was the lamb of god ?" s.black & i just exchanged looks of amazement and laughter. we heard Robert say, "well the missionaries are here right now actually !" he got off the phone with the referral center @ the MTC and i said to Robert .. "well if thats not a sign from God i dont know what is !" he laughed and we talked a bit about the movie and we will see where things go with him !

b.c. of the amount of snow on tuesday 12.09 we found ourselves in the BEST SNOWBALL fight ever ! we had lunch at Carmens [spanish branch member] house with the spanish elders and the ZL's and after lunch we just all went outside and in minutes were covered in snow .. s.black and i held our own even in our skirts ! the funniest part of our snowball fight was when i got a huge snowball to throw @ e.jolley and he had a huge one to throw @ me .. as i was running towards him i slipped and fell straight back and my snowball and his snowball both fell on my face ! all in all it was very cold and very fun !

we had interviews with our one & only President Barrett on wednesday. we went to volleyball with the ladies before that & it was really cool for them to see more missionaries and even our mission president ! papa barr gave me great counsel & just is so sweet & makes me want to work harder & harder !

we spent that evening with our sweetest YW in the GB1st .. we had so much fun playing games and exchanging ornaments.. CORRY loves being a part of the YW program and i am obsessed with the YW's program so i love being there .. we played a couple games and one of them involved the YW singing the barney "i love you" song to the sister missionaries ! we also played a game to see how many marshmallows you could fit into your mouth .. i took 3rd place with a count of 10 marshmallows ! i know i have a BIG mouth ! my papa would agree with the amount of talking i do !

we had our Christmas Zone Conference on 12.11 and it was amazing .. such good training by papa barr, the assistants, our ZL's and other missionaries ! the theme of this transfer is "Endure to the End" and we did our zone presentation with a couple elders playing guitar in the background and each missionary shared a scripture/story/testimony on enduring. i shared ..

Doctrine & Covenants 121:7-8
"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes."
this is my favorite scripture and gets me through all the trials i've ever & continue to go through. all the missionaries went caroling that night with members of the GB wards and it was SO fun. we are planning a lot of caroling this holiday season and i am so excited. something we were counseled about in ZC was to commit ourselves to the commitments we leave with investigators.

s.black & i had the opportunity to to put that counsel into action the next night. we taught a joint lesson with our corry and the ZL's Hedei. we committed hedei & also corry again to pray about the BofM and to LISTEN to the spirit and not anyone around them. s.black & i told them we would do the same. that night as we said our companionship prayer we prayed to know the the truthfulness of the BofM & also in our individual prayers as well. the next morning i was pondering on my prayer and realized i hadnt really felt an answer.

we had a lesson with DIANE the next hour and we watched the dvd The Restoration with her. as the movie showed the reenactment of the first vision my heart began to burn with joy and my soul was filled with perfect understanding. my prayer about the BofM had been answered. i KNOW joseph smith saw God & Jesus Christ.

i KNOW that through the power of God, joseph smith translated the ancient record of the people on the American continent. i KNOW that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, Our Savior. i was able to bear this testimony with faith and through tears to Diane. we challenged her to ask for herself the truthfulness of the BofM b.c. we KNOW she will receive an answer if she asks in faith. Diane had an answer to her prayers that morning as well. she told us after our lesson she forgot that we were coming over .. she said she was praying that morning to get closer to His word and find more truth. shortly after that we knocked on her door. she looked at us and said maybe God is telling me something and s.black & i both nodded and said all of our prayers have been answered together this morning.

later on in the saturday we did service for a christmas party @ Howe Elementary School. i met this yound 16yr Katie who had a 3month daughter named Kendra in her arms. i talked with Katie about families and her being a mother. katie also came to the event with 3 other 16yr olds that had 3month babies. my heart went out to these young mothers and while i looked & talked to katie & kendra my mind went to my sweet sister Heather. she is an amazing example to me of selflessness and following the Lords will even when its the hardest choice ever. Evelyn is the most precious little girl ever. Heather has given her the gift of a mother & father & eternal family. i am so grateful for her strength, faith, charity and love.

also on saturday we heard some really bad news. the andrus girls and my jenni ribbens [jrib] were in a really awful car accident in North Dakota .. they were driving home for the holidays from BYUi and hit black ice and rolled their car. Katie [the oldest andrus girl] and jrib were the most injured. the biggest blessing is that they are alive. they are both coming home to wisconsin today.

we spent last night with the ribbens kids that are here in GB [jilenna 18, jeannie 14, joey 12] we made dinner with them and played games with them .. it was so fun and good to help them keep there minds focused. they are so excited to have jenni and there parents home today !

we spent our sunday 12.14 in Sturgeon Bay. we love that little branch SO much. we had a full day of contacting former investigators and getting the work to move forward there. we also met this amazing family who is less active .. STRUCKS .. they family owns the Culvers [butter burgers & custard shop .. so good] in SB .. we had a fun evening decorating cookies with them and their 2yr old Logan ! we talked about the gospel and are helping them to see the importance of it in their lives .. such a good and fun family !

on sunday 12.14 the tempertures went up to 40degrees in GB & SB .. it rained and melted a lot of the snow BUT sunday night the temperture DROPPED to -3 degrees so in turn changed all the water to ice. yesterday the temperture was 3 degrees BUT with the WINDCHILL it was -19 mostly ALL DAY .. i have NEVER felt COLD like i have felt WISCONSIN COLD. s.black & i are really in for an adventure.

i am blessed to see so many miracles and feel the love of our Savior so close. its amazing. this opprotunity i have been given is truly a blessing . s

ome of my favorite people are celebrating special days of birth this week !
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! amber keife [my bestest roommate 2006 ! her special day is 12.17]

SYDNEY MEMMOTT [the oldest of my younger sisters .. my baby thats not a baby anymore .. she is going to be a 10yr old AMAZING girl on 12.18]

holly timmermann [best friend to watch Lost with, also gave me some of the best mission advice and also the best mission clothes :) my baby girl black reminds me of you in SO many ways ! have fun on 12.18]

i love you all. i am SO grateful for all you love and support. i cant say that enough.

sister warner

wisconsin is white ! [12.08.08]

Doctrine & Covenants 11:13
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall enlighten your mind, which shall fill your soul with joy"

my soul is filled with joy. i am SO happy. i cannot stop saying that. the spirit is always abounding and its a blessing to be an instrument in the Lords hands. we taught our wonderful CORRY this week. she is reading a page of PMG each day and doing the scripture study and activity on each chapter ! we were going over what she studied and on of the questions was "what effect has his [joseph smith] decision to study and seek had in your life ?" corry wrote on the side of her PMG "too much to write .. life is clear." she is amazing ! we are preparing her for her baptism at the beginning of the year and she is just so excited. still a little nervous but she is so happy and for once in her life everything is clear. corry is such a great example to me. my life has been so clear since i have been on my mission. its taken me a little while to fully appreciate this opportunity i have been given and now that i have really realized how in love i am with wisconsin and being a missionary i cant stop yelling "i am SO happy !" i can already feel that the 15months i have left is NOT enough time. there is so much to be done !

first off i want everyone to know [especially my marmie warner !] that i am driving SAFE SAFE in this wisconsin snow ! wisconsin trully is a winter wonderland. i love it. yesterday as we were driving to church the Malibu tells you the temperature ans we park underground at ye olde pheasant run and as we were driving the temperature rapidly dropped from 45 degrees underground to -1 degree outside ! and that was @ 8:30am .. i am too scared to know what it gets down to in the wee hours of the night ! the cold here really is bone chilling. its insane. phoenix [s.black] and LA [s.warner] are gonna be Popsicles !

we are getting a lot of media referrals for church movies such as Joy to the World and The Lamb of God adn we are teaching DIANE ANTHONY on day st b.c. of a media referral ! [apparently that is the worst street on the east side of GB but black & i are from phoenix & LA .. i think we will be okok ! we say an extra prayer though .. just in case !] we taught her about the restoration this week and it went really well .. she said she is searching for more truth and we have a return appt this coming saturday !

i LOVE the members of the GB1st ward ! we had dinner at the Millets this week and we asked them if they knew anyone who we could share a message about Jesus Christ with and they gave us 3 REFERRALS ! we have a new district this transfer b.c. our last DL [e.yates] went home from his mission trip ! we are now part of the manitowac/two rivers district and e.morgan [who is friends with my KATIE B.] is our new DL .. he is SO down ! we has a great district meeting this week on how to stay warm and productive during this winter season ! we are gonna pack our schedules with teaching appts so we stay out of the cold !

this week on UWGB we are doing "MORMON MYTHBUSTERS". we go to soup4soul every tuesday night at the EC and we talk/teach SO many students and we are doing the mythbusters right after soup this tuesday 9th. we have had a box on campus and @ the EC for a week where students could submit questions/myths and our panel will answer them after soup ! our panel is Bishop & Sister Huzzey, Brother Carlsruh [institute teacher & YSA supervisor], Brother Robertson [WML] and Sister Louthain [Stake Primary]. alot of the questions so far have been about polygamy ! we put this together with the elders pretty fast but i know the Lord will bless us with a great turnout ! volleyball with the women continues to be SO fun & So good ! one of the ladies, ELLEN, came to the GB1st Ward Christmas Party [THE WARD PARTY WAS A HIT .. and i was the photographer for the nativity .. btw] and she ALSO came to church the next day to sing with 2 of our members that play volleyball ! they all sang in the spanish branch but they translated for her and she enjoyed herself !

s.black and i are getting more warm clothes ! its insane .. sometimes i feel like RALPHIE off "A Christmas Story" for how many layers i put on .. and this is just the beginning everyone says ! we just cant imagine it getting worse but we know its coming ! yesterday e.jolley told me to just breathe in through my nose and you could feel ice in your nose ! it was crazy ! we spent an evening with the HUNTLEYS this week and had fun sharing stories about Christmas traditions ! i told of how i tried last Christmas Eve to get my sisters and marmie to sing Christmas songs with mbe but they WOULDN'T have it ! i told them that i am DEF having them sing over the phone with me this year ! i am counting down the days FAMILY till i get to hear your voice so get ready to SING too !

we helped at the Jingle Bell Walk/Run @ UWGB and it was such an effective service ! students recognized us & we got to meet more students and invite them to the Mormon MythBusters ! and then one lady asked me "ARE YOU REALLY A NUN ?" haha we are working more with the

TRUJILLO family. s.black speaks spanish [she's taken 7years of it !] and she is gonna teach me ! the spanish elders are also working with them ! they have 5 ninas from ages 13-3 and we are gonna get the daughters active in the YW program !

yesterday was a big kickoff to CHRISTMAS .. the holidays are here ! we spent time @ WML Robertsons and made sugar cookie, strung popcorn for the tree and sang Christmas Songs next to the piano ! it was the perfect way to start off the holidays. this Christmas in wisconsin will actually be my VERY FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS ! even though i was in Utah for the snow i always went home to LA and Christmas there is like 80 degrees !

to end the perfect sabbath we had the FIRST PRESIDENCY CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL ! i loved all the holiday traditions spoken of but what i especially enjoyed was the life of Christ and His amazing gift He gave us. "remember, appreciate and receive the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ." - President Monson this holiday season is a perfect time to talk to people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and His life and example to us. just like President Monson said let us all "make time in our lives and room in our hearts for our Savior."

i love this holiday season and i love being able to spend it as a missionary and share the life of Christ with those around me. i couldnt be happier. its amazing !

THE LORD BLESSES US ! [i love you hood !]
don't forget : Sister P. Hailey Hood's Mission Homecoming
Fox Point Ward
1465 W 8440 S
West Jordan, UT
‎Sunday December 141:00pm
be there. she is wonderful. this week is gonna be a crazy one too !

we have ZONE CONFERENCE .. Christmas Style .. i am SO excited ! i love you all. i miss you all [especially if your in warm sun !] i do love this white place of wisconsin !

love to you all.

p.s i am pretty sure i saw my beautiful MCKENZIE HARPER playing her violin with the orchestra at temple square @ the Christmas Devotional Broadcast .. i love you kenz !

the newest in the WMM ! [12.01.08]

i am SO blessed ! i have the greatest family on earth and i want you to know i love you dearly. thank you for your letters and support. really i would not be here without you all ! THANK YOU !
i am also blessed b.c. i have another amazing companion !
the details :
who : Sister Pamella Jo Black
from : Phoenix, Arizona
Sister Black is 21 and goes to BYU, she is majoring in Spanish and business !
she is SO fun and SO cute. she reminds me a lot of one of my bestests HOLLY TIMMERMANN [even down to eating frosted mini wheat's ALWAYS !] I LOVE HER.
we are having SO much fun together and enjoying every minute of missionary service ! its def diff not having my mama hood around but the Lord has blessed me with another wonderful companion that has a strong desire to serve the Lord and be a missionary. she is BOLD and invites at every opportunity for others to learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ. the good and the bad thing is we are are both ALWAYS COLD ! good = we agree on the heater all the time .. bad = its both our 1st winter in Wisconsin ! she has phoenix blood and me .. LA all the way ! the other part of my newest adventure is DRIVING ! Sister Hafen [mama hoods other "baby" - she trained Hafen after she had just been out for 2 transfers !] told me this mantle falls on you when you receive more responsibility and the Lord is aware i can testify He truly is aware ! i know my way around Green Bay ! its just like i am driving in my hometown EXCEPT the snow ! my first time driving in Wisconsin snow was yesterday and lets just say its the slowest Ive ever driven .. Wisconsin snow is def diff then Utah snow !

this past week has been full of goodbyes and hellos ! sister hood said goodbye to the WMM, she is back in the great state of Utah safe and sound ! she called me Friday night for a minute to tell me how great and diff being home is .. i love you mama hood ! i met a lot of missionaries in the WMM while i was in Milwaukee this week ! that was a good time .. you hear names in the mission and then at some point you get to put a face with that name ! i also met some of sister hood's converts and former investigators in Milwaukee. I LOVE MILWAUKEE ! we also went and saw the Milwaukee Art Museum just for me .. its such a cool building ! we also had Leon's Famous Frozen Custard, the first frozen custard place in Wisconsin !

Wednesday November 26th was the big arrival and revealing of which trainer goes to which greenie ! 2 sisters came from the MTC .. sister black and sister murray. sister murray is with sister hafen in Madison and sister black is of course in the BAY AREAS with me !

THANKSGIVING was so good ! [i missed you all back home .. in the monrov and the spanish fork] we woke up at 6am to go do service at the Turkey Trot [people actually were running outside in the Wisconsin cold .. they are crazy !] We met Wendy & Zerek [mother & son] at the service .. we talked to them a lot and they told us to call them ! we went to CORRY'S house and spent some time with her and her mom .. which is a big step with her ! [we are preparing Corry for her baptism in January and she is doing so good .. her mom told her she would be at her baptism !] We spent some more time that day visiting members and then we had a TURKEY FEAST at the BRUDNICKIS over in Pulaski. after that feast we had hot chocolate and pecan pie with the HUNTLEY'S ! the day was so productive and so wonderful ! i hope everyone ate lots of turkey ! [i def missed making my famous deviled eggs !]

the day after thanksgiving was the annual Green Bay 1st & 2nd Ward Turkey Bowl and s' black & i were SO in. we were the only girls BUT we def held our own. i got kneed in the stomach by 17yr old football star Brandon Robertson and then i got tackled [mind you we were playing 2 hand touch] by his dad Adam Robertson ! BUT in the end i made up for it by scoring a TOUCHDOWN ! who knew i could play football ?? those defensive skills i got in h2o polo helped i think !

we met this great lady DIANE ANTHONY on day st. she called the referral center for a dvd of Joy to the World and wanted the missionaries to bring it to her ! we have a return appointment to teach her this week !

we went on splits with 2 YW this saturday for s' blacks first time TRACTING ! it was def an eventful time. i met LARRY on RAVENSWOOD ST who tried to bible bash with me and whitney dean [one of our YW in the GB 1st Ward] we told Larry about our faith and he just wanted to argue so we just bore testimony and told him to check out mormon.org or come across the street to our church service to find out for himself ! sister black and diantha andrus met a nice man named JO and she invited him to church and he CAME .. all the missionaries spoke in church yesterday and it was great to have him there .. we are going to meet with him this week !

in church i talked on becoming a missionary .. Elder Bednar said in October 2005 General Conference :"We are missionaries every day in our families, in our schools, in our places of employment, and in our communities. Regardless of our age, experience, or station in life, we are all missionaries." let us be missionaries EVERYDAY ! Elder Bednars talk made me think of WHY i am a missionary .. this is why ..
1 Nephi 8:10-1210
"And it came to pass that I beheld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy. And it came to pass that I did go forth and partake of the fruit thereof; and I beheld that it was most sweet, above all that I ever before tasted. Yea, and I beheld that the fruit thereof was white, to exceed all the whiteness that I had ever seen. And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit."
i am SO grateful to have this opprotunity to be a full time missionary and spend every hour of everyday dedicated to the Lord .. it has been and continues to be the best experience i have gone through.

THANK YOU for your support and love !
i LOVE LOVE you !
sister warner

our last week together .. [11.24.08]

this last week was the last week sister hood and i had together .. tonight we drive to milwaukee and spend the day together there on tuesday, visiting her recent converts down there and then on WEDNESDAY november 25 @ about 9am i meet my NEW COMPANION ! i am SO excited ! it still hasnt sunk in that i will be senior comp and training .. especially b.c. i have to start DRIVING now ! AAHHH ! but i am excited for this next journey ..

so first and foremost The Mormon Trek Through History aka "TORBY DELUXE" was AMAZING ! we had over 50 people there and about 10 of them were UWGB STUDENTS who had seen our flyers/stopped by the booth and CAME ! Dr. [Sister] Susan Torbenson gave a GREAT presentation on where the "Mormons" fit into US History and how they associated with each US President .. it was really interesting .. i learned A LOT ! it was a great success ! the BOOTH that we had on campus went really well .. the elders we serve around were so good in
helping us staff times so that missionaries could be present on campus all day !

after district meeting this last week sister hood and i did a little "kick off to christmas" FEAST .. and it was a feast ! we cooked a ham, potatoes, yams .. the WHOLE works ! we did it for the elders that we serve around so there was about 16 of us ! it was DELICIOUS !

VOLLEYBALL was SO good this week .. the women are asking MORE and MORE questions .. which is so good .. we have been able to teach them about the restoration and build good friendships with them and of course improve our volleyball skills !

i am SO grateful for the talents the my Heavenly Father has given me and that i CAN USE them on MY MISSION ! Stake President Greg Krehbiel and his wife Mary invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend and asked if i could take their FAMILY PORTRAIT ! it was so fun to have a camera in my hands again ! i loved it !

we had a fun night at the YOUNGS .. they are a young married couple that just moved into our ward from HAWAII [he is in the marines] and they are so good to help out the missionaries .. we had supper, games and a spiritual thought and CORRY came and some youth from the GB Ward and it was SO fun !

we went up to STURGEON BAY on friday night for their annual "Harvest Feast" and it was SO good .. Jack & Jessie Burchardt brought their long time friend CAREY OTTO ! i was talking to sweet carey and she was asking me about what i do as a missionary and i told her "we teach others about the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ and that there is a prophet on the earth today!" and she asked us how she could learn more and of course i was ALMOST jumping out of my chair and i said [calmly] "WE CAN TEACH YOU MORE!" she will be the newest member of the Sturgeon Bay Branch in no time ! we gave her a copy of the book of mormon that night and she kept asking me "how much does it cost?" .. "NOTHING" i would reply every time ! she was so great !

also i had the opportunity to be in Sturgeon Bay again on sunday [ yesterday ] President Robertson asked me to speak .. Heather Millett, one of the YW in the GB Ward came with me and bore a sweet testimony and then gave the remainder 40 minutes for ME to speak ! haha it went really good .. i actually won the heart of sweet old JACK BURCHARDT [ the funny thing about this is jack doesnt really like anyone ! sister robertson told me this was something i MUST write home about ! haha ] Jack came up to me after the meeting was over and said to me, "if i could have a 3rd daughter it would be you" .. Sister Robertsons look was classic .. she almost fell out of her chair from his compliment ! the only other person dear old Jack liked in Sturgeon Bay was Elder Hawkes [ he was trained in Sturgeon Bay and is obsessed with it ! ] i will see him this week in milwaukee and let him know hes got some competition in the STURG !
we are so BUSY up here in GB & SB and the new baby girls first day in the field is THANKSGIVING ! we are gonna have such a good day .. we have service in the morning and then a whole bunch of Thanksgiving Dinners to attend !

ALSO we are gonna have a WHITE THANKSGIVING .. sister hood and i jumped out of bed this morning to find everything COVERED in WHITE SNOW ! its BEAUTIFUL ! i am so LUCKY and so GRATEFUL to have such a WONDERFUL MOTHER that sent me a bunch of WARM things right in time .. THANK YOU MOM for the best pre christmas package ever ! i love you !
i really like this scripture we read this week and it has made me think a lot about California and the contention going on there ..

ALMA 58:40
"But behold, they have received many wounds; nevertheless they stand fast in that liberty wherewith God has made them free; and they are strict to remember the Lord their God from day to day; yea, they do observe to keep his statutes, and his judgments, and his commandments continually; and their faith is strong in the prophecies concerning that which is to come."


thank you for all your support and love and prayers .. im onto a new adventure in my mission and i am so excited !
sister warner

this is the news [11.19.08]

i got a call from President Barrett today and he asked if i could do him a favor .. of course ANYTHING for papa barr !

well he asked me to TRAIN a brand new missionary !

AAHHH .. i am nervous and feel a bit overwhelmed .. i am still brand new but he said he has faith in me ! haha there are 2 sisters coming out this coming tuesday and me and sister hood get to go to MILWAUKEE on monday night and then we will visit all her old people in that area [milwaukee was her 1st area] and on wednesday is TRAINERS TRAINING and i will meet my baby girl and then drive up to GREEN BAY with her wednesday night and then on THANKSGIVING will be her 1st full day in the field with ME !

i am excited because ..
1. i get to stay in GREEN BAY
2. it will be fun ?!
i hope .. i am so nervous but i know the Lord is on my side !so the other funny thing about missions is there is "mission lingo" and here it is :trainer = mothertrainee = baby girlso sister hood is my mama and i am here bebe and now i am going to be a mother and have a baby girl ! so crazy ! also your last companion your with "kills" you so i am "killing" sister hood ! and usually your 2nd companion is your "buster" and i am not getting BUSTED b.c. i am TRAINING !its all so crazy and exciting !

i LOVE the WMM and even more i just love being a missionary ! i know this is where i am supposed to be even if its already 25 degrees in the day time :)

I LOVE YOU ALL ! i'm gonna need ALL your prayers for this new part of my mission ..

the work is sweet. [11.17.08]

alma 22:23
"Now this was done in the presence of the queen and many of the servants. And when they saw it they greatly marveled, and began to fear. And the king stood forth, and began to minister unto them. And he did minister unto them, insomuch that his whole household were converted unto the Lord."

i continue to see how great of an importance MEMBERS are in this sweet work ..
we were @ a dinner appointment with the HENSELS [GB 1st ward] and we were getting to know them and they told me they had lived in NAPERVILLE and immediately i thought of the CANNONS and asked them if they knew and they just smiled and said "they are our best friends !" after i told great stories of my adventures in provo with DANE and WYNN .. brother hensel said "let me tell you WHY they are our best friends" .. He told me how brother cannon was who helped him in HIS OWN conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. it is an amazing story and made me realize more then ever how WE [the members] NEED to be ACTIVELY involved in missionary work EVERYWHERE ! i loved also making a connection even when i am 1,525 miles away from home !

i also learned and important lesson on asking the RIGHT & BEST questions. we did service @ Edison Middle School and we were talking to this long term sub, Michael, while we were talking i asked him the question, "are you married ?" KIND OF AWKWARD especially as a missionary right ??! well the BEST question should of been "do you have a family ?" or something like that. well needless to say it WAS awkward, even more so b.c. the ZL's were there and my sweet s'hood keeps giving me a hard time about it ! the funniest part though is .. a couple days later we were at the Preble High School Musical and HE WAS THERE ! then the next day was the youths super saturday and they were learning how to ballroom dance and guess who walked through the door .. SAME GUY ! s'hood said its a sign that he needs the gospel .. it was just a little awkward BUT i learned a GREAT lesson on asking questions !

i had my first BRATS this week .. i've been in wisconsin for close to 3 months and finally had a brat ! it was a beer brat at that and i actually LIKED it ! [ i hope you are proud of me papa :) ]
my new favorite sport is VOLLEYBALL ! not only do we play on pday usually and its always team hood & team warner as the captains but we play weekly with a group of women @ the church who are mostly non members ! they are so good and im just saying my skills are improving !

bishop huzzey gave CORRY a copy of PMG to study in preparation of baptism and being a full member of the church. we are studying the lessons with here and the commitments we leave with her are to read principles out of the lessons and then teach US ! she is so good !
the LOUTHAINS are one of my favorites in the GB 1st ward ! we had dinner with them this week and they were saying how times are getting crazier for the LDS church and the persecution is becoming more prevalent then before. i know i have heard a lot about waht is going on in CALIFORNIA with prop 8 being passed. i wish i could be there to help out in the cause but i am doing that here in WISCONSIN too ! i started feeling bad for all the MISSIONARIES in CALIFORNIA b.c. of the backlash of prop 8 but what keeps coming to mind is Robert D. Hales conference talk "Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship" [http://www.lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-947-22,00.html] we need to have CHRISTIAN COURAGE and "see the chance to teach in opposition." my thoughts and prayers are with you california !

our fav JRIB [ jenni ribbens ] came out to be a missionary with us again and while we were out we needed to get s'hood a bike box so she can ship her bike home and we got one all right BUT we were in jribs MINI COOPER .. we tried and tried to fit it but it was just not working .. luckily the ZL's drive a MINI VAN and helped us out !

this week is a big one for us on UWGB .. we have a booth set up with a banner, flyers and candy for the "MORMON TREK THROUGH HISTORY" extravaganza on November 23rd ! its great being among the college people of the GB area who are all searching for some truth. we are continuing to make progress weekly here !

i went to my first branch meeting yesterday. that was interesting. the STURGEON BAY BRANCH building is tiny and there are prop about 30people there, sometimes less ! i have the opportunity to speak in the sturgeon bay branch next week actually .. and the sunday after that all 4 missionaries in the GB 1st ward have the opportunity to speak there ! i love being a missionary .. i also got to teach the LAURELS class 2 sundays ago and i LOVE the YW !

little update on SISTER HOOD .. this is our LAST FULL WEEK together. my heart is sad and happy at the same time. i will miss her but i am excited about a new comp and the work i have here to do !
her homecoming will be:Sunday, DECEMBER 14, 2008Fox Point Ward - West Jordan UTAH

i will continue to send updates when she knows more !
sister warner

its cold .. its cold out here ! [11.10.08]

The winter is HERE ! oh man .. its insane how COLD it is ! its def NOT like UTAH cold .. it goes straight to your BONES ! I am okok with it so far .. my amazing mother sent me my scarf's & my red pea coat and that is def helping ! THANK YOU MOMMY !

Also speaking of my MOTHER .. her BIRTHDAY is NOVEMBER 16th ! this coming weekend .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER !

we saw the FIRST SNOW here in Green Bay ! it didn't stick but s'hood keeps praying for it to snow WHILE i keep praying for it NOT to snow ! haha

This week we taught a group of women on HOPE. We used President Uchtdorfs amazing talk, "The Infinite Power of Hope" [http://lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-947-7,00.html] as the basis of our message. It was something i needed to hear for me personally this week and it reminded me how aware the Lord was of me.

"Hope is not knowledge, but rather the abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill His promise to us. It is confidence that if we live according to God's laws and the words of His prophets now, we will receive desired blessings in the future. It is believing and expecting that our prayers will be answered. It is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance."
i have realized more and more how my mission is the BEST opportunity i have ever received. its not a decision to be here it is and opportunity that i am able to give 18 months of my time to be here in beautiful Wisconsin and how blessed i am to have so many people back home supporting me to do this ! thank you !

i've never been happier as a missionary and i love being in the WMM [even with the cold ! PAPA - i feel almost as cold as those ICE TRUCKERS - im just sayin !]

me & s'hoods time together is coming closer to an end which makes my heart sad BUT she has helped me really understand HOW to be the best missionary ever & we are gonna work HARD until the end ! for those of you in UTAH .. she is from WEST JORDAN & her homecoming will prob be NOVEMBER 30th so keep that date open and i will give more info when she knows so you can hear her speak and tell funny stories and of course get the update about ME haha !
we finally have everything together for the "TORBY DELUXE" as we like to call it ! Sister Susan Torbenson [in our ward] is a Doctor of Education and she is doing a presentation at UWGB on 11.23.08 about Mormons and their place in US History. its going to be FANTASTIC ! we are publicizing like crazy .. we are going to have a booth the whole week on campus with flyers/candy & movies such as Legacy playing .. we got a prime SPOT too on campus where there is a lot of student flow happening !

s'hood & i were putting up the flyers for this event at UWGB the other day and she said to me "WE ARE BOLD" haha we started talking about how we have done a lot of things on campus and have been really bold in approaching the situations .. BRO. JAMES MARKER [ he is in our ward, is a professor on UWGB & over LDSSA ] said WE have gotten FARTHER then any other missionaries have on campus .. with our working with the LDSSA & E.C. and talking to students ! its amazing to see the work REALLY going forward ! one day i KNOW they will have missionaries just assigned to UWGB !

mission life is good .. it def goes in up & downs .. we dropped a lot of investigatiors this week and some even dropped us .. we are needing of some FINDING to teach some quality people who will progress .. that is what we are working on !

CORRY is still AWESOME .. she is still set on JANUARY 12th for baptism .. we are working with her to realize the blessings she is missing .. she had her interview with Bishop Huzzey to apply to BUY and that when great .. she has had the flu this week so that has not been good but she is ever so strong and pushing forward ..

SCOTT HUNTLEY started reading from the BOOK OF MORMON .. which is a HUGE step b.c. when we met last time he didn't even believe in Jesus .. we are working with him on prayer and to know of Gods love for him .. the HUNTLEY FAMILY is SO amazing !

we went to WOMENS CONFERENCE this weekend in Apppleton/Neenah & then it was in Green Bay the next day ! the whole conference was AMAZING ! the guest speakers were Gary & Joy Lundberg ! s'hood & i drove down with Lisa Robertson & Amy Rich in our ward and what we talked about on the hour drive down, ALL OF IT, was what Gary & Joy talked about .. talk about spiritually creating something ! we just looked at each other and laughed A LOT ! it was so GREAT !

we had interviews with Papa Barr this weekend too and that made me so happy ! it felt good to see him and talk to him and have him uplift me in missionary work !
the work is going along and i am so happy to be a part of it ! it is truly a blessing !
pray i dont turn into a popsicle ! i LOVE you all !
sister warner

faith is essential [11.03.08]

More then ever I am realizing how essential faith is ..
Hebrews 11:1“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
= Substance in the footnotes is translated to assurance =

Elder Gene R. Cook in a talk given in the MTC on June 7, 1983, “Qualifications for the Work” said,“It is an assurance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. In other words, you can’t see it beforehand. You just have to believe in the feeling you are getting.”
Hebrews 11:3“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

Paul is speaking about spiritual creation, which is also talked about in the Book of Mormon in Alma 32 .. Elder Cook goes on to say,“Alma 32 tells us about the spiritual creation, the temporal creation, and the eye of faith, meaning that you create in your mind first of all, Elders & Sisters, the spiritual creation of that which you desire, and you concentrate your mind on it until it comes into reality in the real world. Every idea, the exercising of faith, anything that has any value that I know of, is created first of all spiritually in the mind of man and then later, because of his exceeding faith, he brings it about temporally – he literally causes it to happen.”
Isn’t that so crazy and yet SO true ??! I have seen this so much on my mission in just the little ways that make a big difference. As s’hood & I have planned who we are going to see or said prayers about activities we have seen them come to pass because we have created it spiritually first .. just think about it !

This week in the WMM didn’t feel as profitable in missionary work but yet we were still way busy ..

Last Monday night we THOUGHT we were having dinner with Carmen from the Spanish Branch but it turned out to be “noche de hogar” with the Spanish elders and 3 Spanish families .. mi español capacidades no son buenas .. so s’hood & I didn’t understand much but we did play a little game after that you either had to chiste o canción .. well I got canción and luckily e’morales sang “estoy asombrado a todos” con mi en español !

Oh also last week on pday we ran out of gas ! I told s’hood like 5mins before that we NEED to get gas and she just kept driving, bless her heart, and LUCKILY the car stopped in front of 2 older men’s house, Chuck & Ed on Oneida St, and they both had gas cans to give us enough gas to make it to the Shell Station ! we are making them cookies tonight to bring to them and of course teach them about the restored gospel !

There was a missionary apt that got closed when I came out to GB and we had a huge cleaning party for district meeting ! s’hood & I got a good couch out of it for our apt and also there was a ton of weights from the old elders that went home SO we sold them back to Play It Again Sports and got 40$ ! the elders were so kind and carried our couch up 3 flights of stairs and we had a feast ready for them with the weight money !

On 10.28.08 my amazing sister Heather had my beautiful niece, Evelyn Allen ! she is by far the most beautiful little girl ever but of course I AM a little biased .. I am so grateful for her example of selflessness and following the will of the Lord .. thank you Heather and thank you for my wonderful family for being there with her .. I couldn’t ask for a better family .. I love you !

A lot of our time was gone because we helped at the annual “Poppinga Halloween Bash” .. our costumes were given to us by Sister Poppinga herself and believe me .. s’hood & I felt ridiculous !
We had the chance to teach along side President Robertson this week .. he is the Sturgeon Bay Branch President and he was asked to teach a class @ NWTC [Northeast Wisconsin Technical College] on Mormonism ! we gave out about 15 copies of the Book of Mormon ! they had wonderful questions and it was so amazing to see and feel the spirit work on them during the presentation.

On Halloween we were on lockdown ! not really but yes .. it was the WMM deep clean day and we cleaned our whole apt top to bottom and it looks GREAT ! we rearranged [got the skills from my papa !] and started decorating for CHRISTMAS ! I know we are skipping thanksgiving BUT s’hood leaves before Christmas so we are getting in the mood early !

i DEF missed my annual Halloween in Spanish Fork .. I would of carried my little Sydney, Solomon AND Naomi ALL together the WHOLE time just to be there trick or treating ..
s’hood & I teach YST [youth strength training] @ the YMCA on Saturdays and we had 5 little 11 & 12 year olds to teach .. we taught them about stretching and the cardio machines .. what stuck out to me was there were twin 12yr old girls that HATED being twins and it made me laugh because I am SO grateful for my twin big sisters .. I love you both and even more being twins !
we had Sunday dinner last night with Bishop & Sister Huzzey [their daughter is on a mission in Argentina & their son is in the MTC right now to serve Spanish in the San Francisco Mission !] Bishop Huzzey is the best .. he is so funny and so spiritual and just a great man ! well he really LOVES chocolate and eating contests so after we ALREADY had desert we [b’huzzey, e’pulley, e’jolley, s’hood & I – s’huzzey declined b.c. she is diabetic] had a half glass of chocolate milk and 3 oreos and had to see who could get it all gone the fastest ! e’jolley won and I got 3rd and am pretty impressed with myself !

we taught CORRY on Alma 42 and about mercy, justice & faith in Christ .. she is so smart and her prayers are so beautiful .. she is still trying to find the opportunity to tell her mom she is getting baptized so that is what we are praying for .. she is applying to BYUi and is meeting with Bishop Huzzey for an ecclesiastical on Tuesday .. we think that will help her really see the need to be baptized sooner.

I don’t think I mentioned this but there HAS NOT been sister missionaries in GB for over 4 YEARS [s’hood opened the GB sisters area 1transfer before I came out !] it is such a blessing to have sister missionaries in the mission field [not only b.c. we can sew shirts like I did for e’jolley !] BUT because they really have a different effect on people BUT of course I am BIASED !

I feel SO blessed to have a car as a missionary .. the WMM is one of the biggest land missions in the US and if we didn’t have a car we would never have enough time to get anywhere ! also it’s the biggest blessing because of the COLD ! we get a limited amount of miles each month so our driving time is sacred .. last month we went up to Sturgeon Bay more then we expected and we went over our miles BUT luckily our great ZL’s had extra miles of theirs to compensate for us !
UWGB is still going strong .. we are on campus ALL DAY Tuesdays and usually a couple hours another day during the week, students are starting to recognize us and we sometimes see them around GB and they say hi ! its great ! the Poppingas nanny, BRITT, goes to UWGB and she is not a member and we are having lunch with her tomorrow !

i LOVE being a missionary .. i am learning SO much about myself, life, the scriptures, planning, faith, prayer, others, service .. my list could go on !
i truly know and feel that Wisconsin is where the Lord needs me .. I have come into contact with so many great people and I have been building lifelong friendships with investigators, ward members and other missionaries !

really I could go on and on BUT this is already WAY long so congrats to who got this far !
Christ church has been RESTORED and the FULNESS of the gospel is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. i KNOW this to be true.

I love you all and thank you for everything !
Sister Warner